seen & noted:

the baby. measuring the rain. in a rainbow colored shot glass with the words acapulco, mexico plastered to the side…plastered…ha! no pun intended.

bible test. question number 31: after noe, people became more…larger and larger.


that shot glass is looking more appealing as the day goes on.

and i don’t drink rain water.

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3 thoughts on “seen & noted:

  1. There are some days I think my kids have been replaced by heathen lookalikes. Oh, my, some of the things they say. That’s why we don’t invite Father to dinner too often…

    I would actually like a rainy day…

    Love the header. Hugs, girlfriend!

  2. Janice Cipriani-Willis on said:

    Hey, I felt the same way today, just dealing with the disastrous wake my fellow (shared contract) teacher leaves in his wake. It’s like having a kid and having to clean up afterward. How hard can it be to hand out the homework each day? But, he does have actual brain damage, so I pray to God for patience and in the meantime I think about that rainbow colored shot glass…that promises everything, but it isn’t God!

  3. regan, here’s to your days getting more brighter and more brighter. and more better and more better.

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