if variety is the spice of life. then things are spicy around here.

we managed to squeeze in one of the last performances of the phantom before its farewell performance. i saw it years ago. but really wanted the little ones to see it with a live orchestra. and they did. at the historic pantages theater. in downtown hollywood with lots of bright lights. limos and trendy restaurants. stars under our feet. literally.

it was a 95 mile one way trip. i managed new shoes for both of them but my son has a bowl cut. and i wasn’t able to get that fixed before. he looks sort of young paul mccartney-ish.

it was worth every second we spent in traffic. and every second i spent explaining. in a very whispering voice. all of the details of this very exciting production.

on a completely different note. it is deer season. the tail end.

and it is so tempting to play with all those deer parts. at least for some folks.

oh deer!

i told you things are really spicy around here!

we are coming to the end of a very whirlwind week. and if i can just make it to sunday i’ll breathe a big sigh of relief….i am keeping the calender very empty for november and december….we need some time to unwind.

and i say that with a heavy heart. knowing that both of my grandmothers are sick and dying.

how soon, only God knows.

i do know that we are all dying.

one of my favorite lines from the movie braveheart is: every man dies. but not every man truly lives.

so what do i want to remember about this week of truly living? 

singing taylor swift songs at the top of our voices. till our throats hurt. picking out pumpkins and big kids who are not too big for pumpkins. a boy who can walk around the house cutting up a pom-pom while he lets pieces fall all over the place like furry confetti-like it is the most natural thing in the world to do. finally sewing the owls with the girls. pomegranate wine mixed with spiced apple-cider. edgar allen poe read aloud. frivolous fake jewelry. velvet shoes. and black fingernail polish.

 signed. yours truly.

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5 thoughts on “spicy!

  1. Wow! You certainly had a spicy week, Regan. How exciting that you had the opportunity to dress up and take your children to a musical!! Looks like it was a very memorable occasion. And those deer photos cracked me up. When one goes from getting all decked out for a night on the town to hiding a deer hoof into his sweatshirt, well, I’d say one’s living a pretty well-rounded life =) Good things to remember and cherish from your whirlwind—truly living—week, too. I do hope November brings a bit of calm and peace to you. Have a blessed weekend!

  2. The deer photo was indeed funny! The season starts up here next weekend. Yummy, deer sausage …

    What an amazing experience for the kids to see that musical. Well worth the travel and shopping prep.

    I sure do hope Nov & Dec are peaceful and calm for our families.

  3. i like the new blog style. the hoof hand is delightfully creepily funny. boys!

  4. Deer pictures are very very funny!!!
    (and very gross at the same time)

    I like the new blog look too!

  5. what an exciting week you had! I’m like you too though, I am ready for an empty calendar (if such a thing even exists any more…)
    Happy November and Happy All Saints!

    The deer hoof thing…my son would totally do that too, but he would chase his sisters around the house just to hear them scream…

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