making home: the color orange

it is still lingering here and there.

the color orange.

like in that curtain on the door that goes out to the laundry room.

the paisley print is vintage. from the fifties. my grandma gave it to me. and i actually first made it as a witch cape for sophia when she was 4. i always wanted to do something more with it. and voila! now it is a curtain!

and there it is again on a little seasonal side table in the dining room.

i like how it adds an element of warmth.

the table and the color orange.

my mother will totally disagree with me.

she is a beige person.

thankfully that is one quality of hers that i did not inherit.

i am not afraid of color.

i even added a bit to my hair recently.


they make me feel young again.

i promise i don’t have orange hair.

i am not that brave.

thank you alice, for reminding us to look at the little things that make a house a home.

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4 thoughts on “making home: the color orange

  1. I *love* orange accents. I have a burnt-orange family room after all (Hampton Beach to be exact)! But especially this time of year. Orange gets to linger around for the entire season. It warms everything up on these chilly days.

  2. I Love orange with a capital L! My kitchen and dining room are both apricot colored. It’s the happiest place in my home.

  3. I love orange, too. On pumpkins. I’m beige. What can i say? But I do love orange on other people’s walls and their house always looks so nice. It doesn’t work out that way for me, though. Only in small accents.

    I do LOVE that second picture of yours.

  4. I HEART orange…I especially like that burnt orange rusty color…but any orange will do! That vintage fabric is awesome. Isn’t it great that it’s from your grandma and not from some overpriced snooty-falooty store? Love it!

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