and love-ing it.

the food. the colors. the sunlight.

watching my children. cheeks rosy. gathering leaves for the mantle. chasing crickets.

a chill in the air.

but with warmth in our hearts.

because Our Lord is so generous in the gifts He gives to us each and every season.

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8 thoughts on “fall-ing

  1. Your fall photos are gorgeous, Regan! The colors, the light—true works of art! Isn’t this such a beautiful season? Definitely a time of blessing and thanksgiving from the Lord.

    God bless you today!

  2. Good morning dear Regan!

    When I popped over I was on the phone with my college boy and I told him I could not believe I had never tasted venison. Does your husband fill your freezer for you? Your stew looks good!

    Love your colors. Love your curtains on the door next to the laundry room. I wish I could stand there in the laundry room and help you fold your t-shirts (I’m really good at folding t-shirts!).

    O.k. this was a really random comment. 😉

  3. So beautiful. Oh, and I don’t have your right e-mail address.

  4. Sarah Oldham on said:

    Beautiful. I’m hungry.

  5. Chrisitne on said:

    oh sigh
    oh sigh sigh sigh
    I wish I could pull up a chair.
    I imagine you could even make Drepression Era food look good.
    My attempts last night failed. My 7th grader is doing some major projects and the lime jello with cottage cheese was not one of the favs.

    You brighten everybodys day when we come here.

  6. Oh yum. Can I come eat your house?? It is still way too hot here for me to make these fall dishes. I’m probably just going to ignore the weather and cook them anyway. Cranberry applesauce sounds amazing.

  7. Oh just beautiful images.

  8. That cranberry applesauce looks incredible!

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