chasing november

and catching it now and again…

enjoying little bits of wonderfulness amid the busy. busy days.

the spectrum of needs is broad.

and delicate.

my heart is being stretched in so many different ways right now.

the struggle to be so many things to so many people is an awfully overwhelming task.

one that is best pondered in the early morning stillness at mass.


as often as i can steal away. that is where i go.

for answers.

to little things.

like chasing november.

a month that has sped past my very eyes with lightning speed.

shorter days.

leaves swirling outside. 

falling gracefully.

like snowflakes.

scattered all over the yard.

little things like how i feel a lot like one of those leaves on the ground.

scattered. trampled. dirty. worn out.

saddened by a diagnosis of leukemia for my grandma.

that’s a big thing.

she is deteriorating so rapidly.

thankfully there is still some shade from the tall. strong. elm.

planted firmly.


and it offers solace.

solace that makes me content to be grounded.

grounded in a faith built on a rock.

content in knowing that all i have to do is look up.

for all the answers.

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9 thoughts on “chasing november

  1. Praying for you, Regan … Hoping the days start to slow down a little and that you continue to feel that solace … XO.

  2. Praying for you and your family.

  3. Hi there, sweetie,
    I know how you feel. I feel guilty because I feel I ought to be caught up in the joy of approaching Advent and Christmas, and instead I frequently feel like it is one long chore that will not end until after the new year. I want to slow down and catch my breath, but there is no time to do so. The calender is full of one thing or another and I long for relief…

    Praying for your grandma to be peaceful and happy in His embrace in the end…

  4. Heartfelt beauty….

    Prayers for you and your dear grandmother.

  5. Prayers for you, dear Regan, and for grandma. Giving your intentions to Our Mother of Grace.

  6. Lovely pictures… lovely post. I think you put into words what many of us are feeling right now. I will offer my Holy Communion for your grandma tonight. You were so kind to me when my dad passed away. +JMJ+

  7. praying for and your family.

    what’s on the needles?

  8. Ah, Regan…beautiful post, beautifully expressed. Prayers for your dear grandma…may God bless your dear family!

  9. I know I’m late in commenting here on this post, but I think many many people feel this way too, especially at this time of year. Hugs to you, you’re not alone in your struggles, God’s peace and blessings to you and your sweet family 🙂

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