hospitali-tea & gratitude

my parents have been stopping by unexpectedly a lot. perhaps because it is the halfway point between their house and my grandma’s.

i love them dearly and have found that one of the ways i can best serve them right now is by having some of their favorite things on hand.

for my dad: ginger green tea. peppermint chocolate bars. and homemade rosemary bread. for my mom: joy tea. a sweet treat. usually some kind of bread like panettone and she likes the peppermint chocolate bars too.

indulgent, yes.

but i was always taught that charity starts at home.

i think we’ve all put on a few pounds.

isn’t it ironic that one of the ways we humans best show our love is by feeding the ones we love.

perhaps it is because it is our God’s way too.

and as His children, we try, in our own feeble way, to do what HE does.

feeding the hungry. giving drink to the thirsty.

when i visit my grammie i always try to take her one of her favorite foods. this morning it was warm sweet potatoes with milk. cinnamon. and brown sugar.

comfort food.

she savored every bite.

i know because i had to feed her.

but it breaks my heart to see that as a fallen away Catholic she is starving for the True Food.

the Bread of Angels.

the Food for her upcoming journey.

it breaks my heart that she never returned to the Church.

and that now her faculties are fading.

i always wanted a grand reversion.(that’s the word i use for people who used to be Catholic.)

a triumphant return to the faith.

 for all of the other fallen away family members to see….(and possibly attribute to my shining example as a faithful Catholic?)


pride is so sneaky.

so subtle.

so subtly sneaky….

i. i. i. i.

i know that what transpires next is between her and God.

i am grateful for the faith that she gave to my mother.

who in turn passed it on to me.

i only wish that she could’ve been afforded the grace. peace.

and comfort of a happy death.

i. i. i. i.

it’s not about me though…

God is merciful.

and we should never stop praying for the ones we love.

“let us never look for the result of our efforts for others. it is good for us not to know it, for if we did, pride in doing good, the most subtle pride of all, might follow. let us entrust to God the prayers, sacrifices, and efforts that we make, without looking back at what we have already done. let us continue to work and act for our brothers and sisters and for the coming of God’s reign in them….a simple human connection can sometime be the best sermon; a spark can ignite a great fire.”

~elizabeth leseur

even if we may never know the final outcome.

finally, i am grateful for your sweet prayers and words of encouragement.

maybe someday this blog will return to a less thoughtful spot….

until then, happy. happy. thanksgiving friends.

wishing the best to you and yours.

i’ll definitely be feasting on some humble pie these next few days…..

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13 thoughts on “hospitali-tea & gratitude

  1. WOW, I read hundreds and hundreds of blog through-out the year, but this one really touched my heart….maybe because it hit so close to home.
    I helped care for my grandmother as she was getting ready for the crossing over.

    God Bless you and your family, may he hold you close and comfort you in this time of need.


  2. I am so sorry for your time of struggles, Regan. I don’t think you have anything to fear for your grandmother if you are praying for her and offering up your struggles for her. I know you know this, though. 😉

  3. HUGS!

    Your writing, as always, moves me.

  4. You are so wise, young Regan. I can’t wait to know you when you are older and so much more wise than I!

    God gives us hunger because there is food. He gives us physical hunger so that we may feed each other, and He gives us spiritual hunger so that He may feed us as well. Do not underestimate what is in grammie’s heart. Accidentally leave your rosary on her bedside table, and maybe someday soon you can ask her if your priest can come and visit. Just plant a little seed.

  5. And have a Happy Thanksgiving, dear Regan.

  6. I have never heard that analogy, but it makes complete sense to me. I always tell people that my favorite gift is food. It means so much to me, when someone invites us over for dinner or brings over a loaf after I had a baby. And I love having tea with people and giving homemade bread. It’s just so thoughtful and no material present makes you feel as good as food.
    It’s true…we never should stop praying. We can never know the person’s heart.

  7. Beautiful post Regan.
    I always get caught up on wanting people to return to the faith and worrying about their deaths, wanting it to be a “happy death”.
    Then, I tell myself, and I’m telling you now,
    We do not know what transpires at that moment of death between the soul and God. God is merciful. So merciful. And if the soul is yearning for God at that time, well, maybe it is a Grand Reversion, or a Triumphant return to the faith, with God, between God and the soul.

    What a beautiful thing you do for her, to visit her, to feed her. You are helping her to think of God, to keep Him on her mind.

    Happy Thanksgiving my friend, God bless you!

  8. Gosh, I just read what Barbara said, that is beautiful. Yes, ask about the priest, wouldn’t that be beautiful?

  9. Lovely post. Happy Thanksgiving, Regan. May God bless you and all your family. +JMJ+

  10. Sarah Oldham on said:

    You have a beautiful heart, Regan. Our capacity to love is so minute compared to His . . . and you have so much!!!! It is so sweet you call your grandma “grammie”. Never give up! Keep praying! Keep loving!

    Prayers for you and wishing you and yours a blessed Thanksgiving.

  11. Chrisitne on said:

    Happy Thanksgiving Regan-
    I am thankful for this bloggy that touches my heart everytime I come here.
    You are a blessing to your grammie and to many many others… me!
    Happy Pie Eating!

  12. Just the right words were given to you for this post. Hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving.

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