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chocolate-faced naps.

glittery snowflakes.

twinkling lights and greenery.

gooey goodies.

oh, yes. it still very much Christmas here.

the presents may be gone.

but the PRESENCE lingers.

everything is a reflection of HIM.

all of the sweets and smells.

every bit of wonderfulness.

created by HIM.

i hope you are feeling it too.



“let each of us leave his house empty so that we may see our Master wrapped in swaddling clothes and lying in a manger…the table of this altar takes the place of the manger. and surely the Master’s body will be lying on this altar.” ~st. john chrysostom

making spirits bright

sprinkles of sugar and cinnamon on bunelos. tiny marshmallows in warm. soothing drinks. chocolate dove snowflakes. twinkling lights. a little bit of sewing & crafting. a rainstorm. rainboots and umbrellas. red and green rugs to keep the mud at bay. a kitty who likes to sit in my lap when i am on the computer….a first hat completed….even with the gauge a bit off on the brim….oh, yes, i am feeling the Christmas spirit tonite. God is good and all is well on this fourth sunday of advent.

so tell me…what’s making your spirits bright?


yep. that’s my baby.

the farthest one…

so big and tall.

and bald.

looking so grown up.

gone for 5 days at a training academy. putting out hazardous materials fires. climbing down four-story high buildings. trying to decide just what he wants to do with this one life that God has given him.

this is serious stuff.

it’s the stuff that dreams are made of.

proof that homeschooling kids aren’t un-socialized. un-successful. societal outcasts.

while he was away i received a certificate in the mail stating that he had passed his high school exit exam.

with honors in mathematics.

boy was i proud.

proud of him and proud that finally some fruits of this long. laborious. journey are showing forth.

he was trouble.

and while i knew that this business of growing men doesn’t happen gently:

sometimes i think my husband is too tough. and i am too soft.

so i enlisted the help of another mother.

one who knows all too well the pain of watching a Firstborn Son treading along the path to manhood.

the Ultimate Manhood.

beneath the weight of a cross. bloodied. beaten and bruised.

this is serious stuff.

this martyrdom of mothers and sons.

and people striving to be who they were created to be.

it is not something to be taken lightly.

and the older i get i cannot help but stand in awe at the God Who deemed me worthy to lead souls to Him.

the souls of my children. and husband.

what an honor.

do i measure up?


do i cringe under the weight of this immense cross?

this immense burden?

of course i do.

but i wouldn’t have it any other way.

this is what i was created to do.

the martyrdom of motherhood.

dying to myself to do that which God has pre-ordained.

vocation and dedication all wrapped up in a gift.

tied with love and sealed with a kiss.

it’s what Christmas is really all about ya know.

The Firstborn…not mine. but hers.

but in a way, yes, mine.

and yours too.

all of us.

His children.

not worthy of the Real Gift.

but nevertheless He gives.

happy weekending, friends.

hope you are truly enjoying ALL of the things He gives.

yarn along::the first

first time joining the fun at ginny’s.

first hat. a santa hat. the free pattern is here.

first time in this this space in a while.

the books:

the voices of Christmas. we really like this one. each person tells their view of the Christmas story from their own perspective.

how many miles to bethlehem. aside from the fact that the Blessed Mother *gasp* has short hair and head uncovered. (which apparently matters to small Catholic children). this is a lovely read as well.

hark! a Christmas sampler. tommy de paola and jan yolen. need i say more?


happy knitting. happy reading. happy day 18. is it really almost Christmas?

my how time does fly.

making home::bread and butter

and a little bit of embroidery.

regardless of the myriad of different recipes i try here and there. these two very simple staples:bread and butter. make happy children. husbands. parents. and grandparents.

(i don’t have more than one husband).

but i might if i they tasted my bread 😉


don’t tell my husband that.

he never reads my blog.

so that’ll be between us.

i’ve missed here.

but i can’t even seem to stay awake past 8 o’clock these days.

i am worn out.

we have one more week till we take a break.

i am:

listening to: alvin and the chipmunks.

contemplating: a boxed curriculum. forcing grumbling boys to read. and reading more myself.

watching: young victoria and Christmas in Connecticut

planning: a luncheon for the Immaculate Conception/crafting/sewing/with friends tomorrow/

sending the biggest boy off to Fire Explorer Academy for 5 days.

(“will you miss me?” he asks. “of course”, i say.)

all the while thinking to myself: not really.

we need a break.

i need a break.

did i already say that?

hope all is well with you, blog friends.

i think i may have misplaced my mind so i’ll be going now….

h/t to alice. for these making home tidbits. feel free to join in. i hope she allows non-sense-ical rambling….

because really what would home be without mother’s ramblings….right?


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