yarn along::the first

first time joining the fun at ginny’s.

first hat. a santa hat. the free pattern is here.

first time in this this space in a while.

the books:

the voices of Christmas. we really like this one. each person tells their view of the Christmas story from their own perspective.

how many miles to bethlehem. aside from the fact that the Blessed Mother *gasp* has short hair and head uncovered. (which apparently matters to small Catholic children). this is a lovely read as well.

hark! a Christmas sampler. tommy de paola and jan yolen. need i say more?


happy knitting. happy reading. happy day 18. is it really almost Christmas?

my how time does fly.

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11 thoughts on “yarn along::the first

  1. I love anything by Jane Yolen, but I haven’t read this one.

    First hats are dangerous – they lead to second, third and maybe twentieth hat before you know it. 🙂

    My yarn along link is here: http://blog.mymummyknits.com/yarn-along-2/

  2. Thanks for playing along today and by doing so, reminding me to come and visit you! I’d forgotten how much I love your blog!

  3. Hi Regan, Just thought I would use this visit to wish you a Merry Christmas! I have thoroughly enjoyed your blog this past year. You take lovely pictures and are a gifted writer. Peace, love, and joy! +JMJ+

  4. Yeah Regan. I’m glad you played. Cute hat. Pour vous?

  5. It is funny the things that upset children, but I probably would also be bothered by a short haired Virgin Mary and I’m not sure why other than my whole life, every picture she has a mantle covering what I’ve always believed to be long hair!
    I hope the hat goes well, I love the cheery red!

  6. Is there a bit of a sparkle in that yarn? Perfect for a santa hat then!!!

  7. Yay! Santa hat! When Isaiah was born on Nov. 29th, we left the hospital on Dec. 1st, so he got a baby santa hat. Now I’ll be able to put it on baby Jacob…whenever he decides to show up. =)

  8. oh yes i love tommie de paola too.. and that santa hat is going to be great! i might have to make one too! : )
    p.s. one can’t be gluttonous with books can they?

  9. Regan, so great to see you at the yarn along 🙂 Love the red sparkle yarn, it will be adorable! Blessed Advent days to you and your sweet family!

  10. so! you ARE a knitter, heh? love the santa hat.

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