chocolate-faced naps.

glittery snowflakes.

twinkling lights and greenery.

gooey goodies.

oh, yes. it still very much Christmas here.

the presents may be gone.

but the PRESENCE lingers.

everything is a reflection of HIM.

all of the sweets and smells.

every bit of wonderfulness.

created by HIM.

i hope you are feeling it too.


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7 thoughts on “enjoy!

  1. YES! We are enjoying these days of Christmas, too. It’s certainly not over here … but really just beginning! How blessed we are to have an entire season to celebrate His coming!

  2. Oh, that first picture! He looks so beautiful! Love your pictures and your words! +JMJ+

  3. i never really thought of it like this. it is wonderful. thank you.

  4. So true.
    How’d you make that last picture “sparkle” like that?

  5. Love love love this post and love love love you more!!!! Wishing you and yours all His best!

  6. Chrisitne on said:

    Angelic little boy. You must just lub him.

    Still celebrating here also! Thinking of you

  7. Oh Regan, these photos are breathtaking. Merry (almost end of) Christmas! God is so very good, isn’t He?

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