yarn along the second:cotton & love

joining ginny for her yarn-along:

the knitting…

a cotton dishcloth with a heart right in the center.

my parents celebrated their 35th wedding anniversary a few weeks ago and in the whirly-wind of holidays. emergencies and life i got behind with regards to finishing up a few things i was making for them (well, really for my mama).

she loves cotton dishcloths.

even though she can barely bring herself to wipe clean hands on them.

the book:

jacob have i loved.

i started it a few weeks ago.

and then a certain little girl stole it from me.

she thought i’d finished it-although i don’t know how-when no one reads as fast and as thoroughly as she does.

that same little girl almost spilled the beans on the ending.

so i guess i’d better get on with it.

can’t wait to see what everyone else is up to!

(ps. updated: i loved the ending! this was a sweet read. it did my heart a lot of good to finish this sweet story.)

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17 thoughts on “yarn along the second:cotton & love

  1. The little dishcloth with the heart in the center sounds so lovely. Even if it is a tad bit late it is perfect timing for the upcoming Valentine’s day 🙂

  2. jacob have I loved is an old favorite

  3. Hi Regan. I love cotton dishcloths, too =) And one with a heart in the center?! That sounds very sweet. Do you have a pattern, or are you making it up as you go? I will add that book to my list. I am always up for a sweet story. Have a wonderful Wednesday!

  4. hi Regan ! i found this through small things yarn along ~ i enjoy knitting with bamboo circular knitting needles like you are in the photo, do you enjoy them too?

  5. Regan, i’ll have to get a copy of that book, great to get recommendations! Your dishcloth is lovely!

  6. I love using crocheted or knit washcloths. How sweet to make them for your mom.

  7. I’ve been meaning to read that book. You’ve inspired me to make a new dishcloth for Valentine’s Day. My husband loves the homemade ones. That way he’ll get something he loves on that day, and I’ll get the dishes done that day! win-win!

  8. I am going to ask too – do you have the pattern for the heart in the middle? I love the natural color and thanks for the comments about the book – it is one two of mine would like I think.
    Warm wishes.

  9. do you have a pattern for that dishcloth?
    little girls love to spill the beans. they can’t themselves it seems! little bits here and there!

  10. I too love cotton dish clothes, and I thoroughly enjoyed this post!

  11. it looks nice 🙂 and simple – maybe I could make one too – I’m a bad knitter 😛
    will you show us the final product? I’d love to see the hearth 🙂

  12. Cotton dish cloth love here as well. And my book list just grew again. Thanks for the recomendation.

    Blessings, Elizabeth

  13. dishcloths are a joy to knit and cotton is so lovely on the fingers 🙂

  14. I have, or used to have that book in my collection. I’ve never read it! We recently gave away a bunch of our Newberys because our children aren’t old enough to read them yet and when they are, they can check them out at the library. I thought I might have kept this book. Now I hope I did! I will check later. =)

  15. I made a cotton scarf for my uncle once and LOVED working in cotton! Nice photo, btw…

  16. What a heartfelt gift for your mama.
    I think I read that when I was younger. I know there was a tv movie based on the book and I remember enjoying it.

  17. ahhh… now I need to make cute dish cloths! Yes please post a pic of the finished product!!

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