yarn along the third:blue


the knitting:

a blue cotton scarf for the baby. he doesn’t like itchy things so this knobby cotton will be perfect. and if you notice that sunshine, well, there really isn’t a need for many wooly warm things here in sunny california.

spring is already teasing us. we’ve got doors and windows open. bare feet. and for the moment fresh squeezed lemonade has replaced warm tea and cocoa.

the reading:

the gift of an ordinary day by katrina kenison.

the part of me that is raising teenagers and the part of me that is just plain burnt out can relate to this book in very many ways.

i had a good cry the night i started it.

a favorite quote:

to exist is to change,

to change is to mature,

to mature is to go on creating oneself endlessly.

~henri bergson

and then there are these words of hers-

words that are very much mine too….and maybe even yours….

i missed my old world and its funny little inhabitants, those great big personalities still housed in small sweet bodies. i missed my sons’ kissable cheeks and round bellies, their unanswerable questions, their innocent faith, their sudden tears and wild, infectious giggles, even the smell of their morning breath, when they would leap upon waking, from their own warm beds directly into ours.

i missed the person i had been for them, too-the younger, more capable mother who read aloud for hours, stuck raisin eyes into bear shaped pancakes, created knight’s armor from cardboard and duct tape.

certainly my talents didn’t seem quite so impressive anymore, my company not as desirable as it once had been…..

now head on over to ginny where talent and books abound!

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11 thoughts on “yarn along the third:blue

  1. The blue is wonderful for your little guy!

    Enjoy the sun and warmth. Think of me when you walk around barefoot and take a sip of lemonade, because right now it is 12 degrees in sunny Minnesota. Tomorrow, it will only get to 8. Brrrr!!

    What a book! I’m not at that spot in my mothering yet, but I always appreciate your reminders to enjoy my children now. Even though it’s hard now with so many needy little ones, it’ll be a different-type of hard later. And I worry about that sometimes … But God is in control. Always.

    Thinking and praying for you. And your mom, too. XO

  2. That quote makes me cry. The other day found a little blue and white sweater — in size 3-6 mos. — and I cried. If I dwelt on the growing and changing I would be seriously depressed. Must not think too much. Go with the flow.

    Love the blue — for his beautiful eyes!

  3. annita on said:

    Well, I just got over a good cry after one of my favorite characters died in the book I am reading, and then I read this post and got all choked up again! That’s what I get for reading and visiting blogs during my baby’s nap when I should have been folding laundry! I think you know, Regan, that I have little ones to young adults. I know better now than I did when I was a younger mom to savor every moment… to really look into their eyes when they are excitedly telling me something, to really watch them as they play and learn… to get down on the floor and play with them… It really does go by so, so quickly! Peace. +JMJ+

  4. Chrisitne on said:

    ” the younger”
    that was once me.
    Annita said it so well,
    It really does go by so, so quickly.
    I also am trying to keep a really good sense of humor with my teens.
    I want them to have a memory of their mother laughing.
    I like blue blue blue BERRIES!
    thanks for your little note. It is amazing this blog that has connected us. I consider you a blueberry kinderedspirit bloggy friend!
    lub ya

  5. Ooooo….I love that picture. Love blue, love sunshine, love books, and love those ball jars! We have sunshine too, but it’s definitely not warm enough to go barefoot! I wish!

  6. Honey, I’m with ya – it’s 78 degrees at 5:30 here in Key West. Just reopened the windows after the mow crew buzzed by, why do they insist on blowing the grass at the houses???

    The blue of that cotton is simply gorgeous!

  7. Ooh, I think I need that book, sigh…I LOVE the blue and it’s non-itchiness, dreamy 🙂

  8. Oh, Motherhood. I feel I’ve just dipped my feet into it (I have a 2year old and a 5 month old) and I kind of feel like I “know”. I’ve entered the greatest journey in my life.

    That blue is very pretty. And I’m really jealous about you’re weather, dear Lady. Here it’s been very very very cold. For days.

  9. Nice blue. It gets into the low sixties in the mornings here. Yes, in sunny hot Hawaii!! I enjoy it and rarely need a sweater (like many I know). I think it’s nice at 60.

    Yes, yes, yes. It’s best (for me, anyway) not to think too much upon my kids growing up and on the way out . . . in so few years, too. Connor could leave right after he graduates in 2012. Oh, Lord. That is next year. And, at my age, time flies flies flies!!! But, I’m good as long as they are happy and living well . . . perhaps finding their own person to marry and create little persons we can all love and watch grow . . . up and out. It’s the way . . . it’s bittersweet.

  10. Do you ever find that the more you GIVE (in a hundred physical and emotional ways) the more you NEED? What do we do for that? It’s not fair to lean on the little people in our lives and the teens are way too fickle. It’s God, isn’t it? I should be spending more time with God.

    It’s 0 degrees here in MN, Regan.

    Forgive me for being…needy. 🙂

  11. I am not sure I could handle reading that book…I am way too sentimental and aware of how quickly my little ones are growing up. Because I started my family so late, when they are gone, I shall be old. I will not have decades to work on recreating a new, childless me.

    But Margaret is right…we must keep working on our relationship with God, for He will still be there when they are gone, and we cannot look to them for our joy or sense of purpose.

    No. I definitely can’t read that book…

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