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52 weeks of daily life in pictures.

:: trials and celebrations, the extraordinary and mundane — whatever is unique to the week.

it’s kind of too early for these…but i couldn’t resist. and they were so yummy!

they are also delicious on top of gluten-free pancakes and paired with vanilla-greek yogurt-cream-cheese-fluffy-wonderfulness.

 pretty table-settings. and impromptu tea with friends.

thank you….half-half. i will never lose weight because of you….and your creamy presence in every. single. cup. of coffee. i drink.

thank you, Lord, for sweet looking weeds….that almost look like flowers.

girls with pink cheeks and creative spirits don’t belong locked up learning in classrooms. they should be free (with limits) to sketch in a pile of comfy blankets when inspiration strikes.

thank you krusteaz  for finally making a mix that won’t kill my children…i do so love it when the kids can make things with a little help from a box….(this muffin is sans blueberries. but these are oh. so. good when you add a cup of blueberries to the batter. and spoiler: they might not last long enough to take photos.)

hello. nice. big. stack of red linen napkins.

you look like you could use some embroidery. and i sure could use an easy project that will travel. we’ll see how it goes.

and last but certainly not least….

the pure. unadulerated bliss. of having a big brother that will ride you really fast around the yard in a wagon….

(as a side note: this does cause a certain amount of tipping. or so i was later told.)

this really was a good week.

and it’s great to have these pictures to remind me so.

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10 thoughts on “3/52

  1. Awesome pics. Yummy berries…you stinker.

    Pour me a cup of coffee (you can keep your half & half) and pass the muffins please!

    Love the napkins — wherever did you find that red?

  2. PS Did you want to leave a link? because I will do it for you if you like.

  3. Pics like these are what lead me to you initially, Regan. We are in the coldest, barest (though I do find snow beautiful, the heart always longs for strawberries!) part of winter and you have the most amazing pics of Spring … a little slice of hope and something to look forward to for those of us in this northern clime!

  4. Oh, my those strawberries look divine!!!! Here in the frozen tundra, strawberries are like $10/pint and they are not good at all!!!

    As usual your pictures are sooo beautiful and inspiring!

  5. Chrisitne on said:

    Hello Amazing Regan,

    Your pics are perfect. So glad you had a wonderful week. It is important to look at the good in life!

    I would pour that cream on the strawberries!

  6. Ta da!!!!! Bright and beautiful – just like your spirit!!!

  7. Janice Cipriani-Willis on said:

    Hi Regan,
    These pictures are a sight for sore eyes. After being sick all week, these pictures and your words speak of how wonderful this life that God has given us can be.

    I hope your mom continues to improve.

  8. Seeing and reading this is a bright spot in my week. I love half and half, too. =) It’s the one thing I don’t think I can give up in my quest to loose this baby weight … And those red-heart napkins are so sweet. Did I tell you that my 8yo is embroidering pillowcases for her sisters? She wanted to be done by Christmas, but it was too much. She is doing a beautiful job, though =) Thanks for your prayers for Joseph and our family. God bless you, friend.

  9. Great pics. They all made me smile.

  10. So beautiful. Such a lovely reminder of this week…
    Oh, and our strawberries are on here in Florida too! I didn’t think we’d have any local due to the cold, cold weather but hurray! Plant City came through!

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