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Timestamp: 2011-01-31 06:17:40 UTC


You are like me, I think. I like to believe that my blog is something I do just for myself and my distant friends and family, but yeah, I notice the stats, and comments make me happy, and being ignored does not. Having a blog is an ongoing spiritual battle for me. I know God would likely prefer my obscurity and humility, but I just can’t quit!

Lovely bag…and I know your taste in goodies. Keeping my fingers crossed!

dear friend, i guess this proves that it doesn’t hurt to keep your fingers crossed!

you were number one after kim…

i already have your address, so i’ll be sending this out to you this week!

thank you all for playing along.

and just for the record…i don’t blog to get stats…like i said…i just noticed a decline and thought this would spice things up a bit around here…

i honestly think that this little community… the Catholic mama bloggers…is akin to a slice of heaven….

happy monday, friends!

if you need me, i’ll have my nose in a tangle of textbooks…


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3 thoughts on “number one

  1. Oh, goody! I’m glad lent is starting later this year! Thank you, dear!
    February always seems to be “crack-down time” for schooling here, too. Usually because I panic about the 6 week winter break that was only supposed to be 2 weeks…

    Love and prayers to you…

  2. It’s just grand to play along . . . I’m always happy when other folks win stuff (I’ve been a lucky recipient at times on blog give-aways . . . It’s fun). Congrats to Nadja!

    I’ll be doing a give away soon as well. I got a handmade 2011 sea turtle (honu) coconut shell (I think) made here in HI ornament. It’s cute! And, it wasn’t cheap!!! I got it at DOLE where the only inexpensive things are the foods to eat! Dan and I went up for pulled pork lunch and Dole Whip on Saturday. I’m so glad we did. Romantic.

    BTW, you ought to get a little some’pin in the post soon. It’s in the post today! Hugs and Aloha!

  3. Hi, I found your link on Margaret’s blog and came to check out yours. I’m new to the blogging world and to be honest, I thought starting a Catholic mom’s blog was a new idea. Boy, was I proved wrong… pleasantly so! I like how honest you are about watching your stats… it’s a very vulnerable feeling to blog about your thoughts and feelings and no one posts a comment. You can see there have been pageviews but no comments. A bit intimidating but I feel called to do this and have met so many wonderful Catholic ladies!

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