are good.

especially when they are with people you love!!!!!

and that pretty much explains my absence in this space.

the mama-child connection is something my children don’t seem to get enough of. regardless of age. in fact i think they need me more now than ever: with jobs and bank accounts come so many decisions and things to do!

then there are senior happenings with the biggest girl. she chose me to take her senior pics….and well, that means we were off finding fields of flowers to pose in….and then me wanting some sister shots…of sister kisses.

and faith connections…

did i mention that the baby made his First Holy Communion? on mother’s day.

that smile says it all, doesn’t it?

he has been waiting for Our Lord a long, long while.

and when it was over i breathed a big sigh of relief…took a few days off.

and here it is. already the end of another week.

and i realized that i so missed my connections here.

which have been difficult to maintain due to a nasty virus on my home computer.

making everything online just that much harder to accomplish.

i think i may’ve gotten lazy during lent.

when i stayed away to purge the noise. and the whispers of incompetence at all the ways in which my life is boring. mundane and ordinary.

no projects to shine forth…no garden glory. no books or knitting.

just  “glittering desolation from the starry pinnacle of the commonplace” to use some of dear chesterton’s words.

yes, that’s where i’ve been. at that place where busy-ness meets boring.

and i realized just how so this afternoon. as i lay on my bed. taking one. long. momentous. pause.

with the toilet running and 4 flies buzzing around the kitchen(no doubt invited in by someone leaving the door wide open!) and i thought selfishly to my selfish self: is this it?

that coupled with the fact that i had been NOT cooking a roast for 2 hours because the crock pot wasn’t PLUGGED in!!!  just might’ve been enough to send me over the edge of said starry pinnacle.

no connection there!

between crock pot and plug.

and yes, this is my life.

one mad adventure.

i am thinking too much….it happens when i read chesterton.

does he have that affect on you too?

i allowed myself some fun reading for easter and plowed my way through the man who was thursday.

i was deeply confused and disappointed with the ending. i felt very similar to the night i watched the LOST finale.

“you think too much, mom.” my girl told me.

“sometimes you need to just read.”


she’s only 11!!!

and already a sage!

happy reading friends!

if you made it to the end of this post then God love you!

i will be back. sooner than later.

that is if my pride will allow me to publish such utter nonsense twice in a row!


ps. i’ve got my paws on mere christianity now so watch out!

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9 thoughts on “connections

  1. Hi Regan! I have been thinking about you so much, hoping all is well. You have been busy … And where you are supposed to be. I can tell after reading your post. The top sisters photo is so beautiful! You captured them so well. And congratulations to your son. He sure looks handsome (and older than I remember him looking!) My daughter made her First Holy Communion on the Saturday before Mother’s Day. I can’t even begin to explain here how beautiful it was, how moved I was. Perhaps I will try another time, when I have more time and space … Anyway, it was good to read a post from you. I’ve missed you! Happy weekend! God bless!! XO

  2. Congratulations and God bless your son, he’s glowing with Christ’s light!
    Nice to hear from you, looking forward to more!

    I’ve missed you!

  3. Congratulations to your youngest! How exciting! I love that he’s been desiring to Receive. That’s the ticket! Always desiring to have the Eucharist!

    I just sent a letter . . . I had been wondering what was up, but I knew all along it was the busyness of your home – and, really, that’s the stuff of LIFE! I sure know these things myself. You and yours are never far from my thoughts – and always in the care of my prayers.

  4. Your baby looks so sweet…congratulations! My Gabe made his FHC on Divine Mercy Sunday. Have had you on my mind–glad all is well with you and yours!

  5. annita on said:

    Regan, so happy to hear from you! Obviously, you have been missed by all! I was excited to see you had posted on my homepage this morning.

    Congratulations to your son… I love First Holy Communions. My son (and sixth child to celebrate this beautiful sacrament) will be making his next year. He’s already talking about it and getting very excited.

    I’ve missed your thoughts! God bless! +JMJ+

  6. I DID make it to the end of this post and I LOVED it–ALL of it.

    (And how lazy am I, not typing in the code for italics? These days, I am all about all caps for emphasis.)

    That busyness you speak of…I know it too well and those 11-year-olds are keeping us young at the same time they’re making us old! Stick with Chesterton–he won’t steer you wrong–and know that it could be worse…

    You could be–gasp!–NOT thinking.

    MUCH love with MUCH emphasis,

    Margaret (whose own blog is down–thanks, Blogger–and who won’t, consequently, be distracted this morning)

    (Ha. A *likely* story.)

  7. I, too, read all the way and enjoyed every smigden (is that a word?!?) of writing … and pictures. Happy reading; wish I could snag a few hours for sticking my nose in a book. My oldest read Mere Christianity for school this year, so got to discuss a little with him.

  8. silly girl! we love reading every single word. so glad all is well. it looks as if you didn’t miss us at all – isn’t that how its supposed to be? i found a used copy of mere christianity while i was in GA. Care for a book buddy? we could be serious and call it a club, but that sounds like too much work. i just want someone to bounce a question – or quote – off of. how ’bout it?

  9. Haha…no connection w/ the crock pot. You are so clever with your words! I have been reading “A Little Way of Homeschooling”…must get offline to keep reading it. =)

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