the right person

meet tom.

his presence in my life is the result of daddy not being strong enough to say no.

 the baby wanted to bring him home from grandma’s.

and bring him home he did!

jenn mentioned something the other day about lack of enthusiasm for school from her little students.

and well, with tom around. the fever gone. and the beckoning tree house….you can imagine our lack of focus as well.

so aside from reading a little archimedes, lego play and math yesterday, we finished rather early.

mostly, but not entirely because that same daddy pulled into the driveway and mentioned something about washing…and truck…and soap….and bubbles….

and…well, you get the picture!

as our year ends…the senior is working on one last big project. the big boy landed a job with the U.S. Forest Service: a paid summer internship (with money for college at the end of the program). the middle boy is ready(and asking) for algebra and formal guitar lessons. the little girl remains my avid reader and fashionista. and the baby…well, i’ve decided to do first grade over again with him next year.

that is probably one of the biggest blessings of homeschooling: paying attention to your mama senses (they are like spider senses, only stronger)…and doing what’s best for the student…no rushing. no pushing. just gentle learning.

after all he is the baby. and i am no longer trying to prove anything to anyone.

not even myself.

the fashionista had an incident with a needle this past week after finishing up sewing something for her barbies. a part of it remains broken off inside her thigh. the x-ray report reads: superficial wound, yet no one seems to want to take it out. words like orthopedic surgeon and anesthesia have been floating around inside my head all week long.

my heart hurts because she hurts.

and yet selfishly….really? a whole week lost in a fog of numerous doctor visits, etc.

last nights’ finale: the baby had three vomiting sessions…while we have three sleepover guests.

in light of all the tornadoes and horrible tragedies happening everywhere it is a shame for me to even put these complaining thoughts into print…yet i couldn’t help thinking that somehow:

“we(i) have taken a wrong turning and come to a wrong place,” said Fr. Brown, looking out of the window at the grey green sedges and the silver flood. “never mind; one can sometimes do good by being the right person in the wrong place.”

~excerpt from the sins of prince saradine by g.k. chesterton

this is my lot right now.

it feels like a disaster because i am weak.

so… may the GOOD Lord give me the grace to be the right person.

and to realize this isn’t the wrong place. just because things are not perfect.

and may HE give me the grace to: to clean up throw up and apply hot compresses with courage and a smile…when i’d really just like to crawl in bed and have someone take care of me!!!


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6 thoughts on “the right person

  1. Gosh! It’s sure great to see a post from you and pics, too.

    Focus?? What’s that?? Oh, concentrating on one thing for more than the time it takes to say the ‘one thing’?? It doens’t exist here, either.

  2. Lean heavily on the cuteness of that kitty, Regan. Between his cuteness and prayer, (both yours and ours), you WILL get through this.

    And then, before you know it, along will come a pin-less, puke-less summer day that will knock your SOCKS off with its beauty and perfection.

    Except, since it’s summer, you won’t be wearing socks.

    Oh, and please forgive me for saying “puke”. Normally I don’t like that sound of that word, but I needed the alliteration to go with “pin.”


  3. annita on said:

    So glad to hear from you! A relatable post for most of us mamas! I always feel badly when I complain because I do think of things like tornadoes and people who have lost everything and things like people battling cancer, etc… and, although, there is no comparison to these hardships… tired is tired, frustrated is frustrated. And, sometimes what a mama needs is to climb into bed and be taken care of. Prayers, Regan!

  4. i need to get to the point where i’m not trying to prove things to myself. its very counterproductive to the whole education of the whole child thing. completely unrelated: when you find the book let me know. i’m still on the intro. the garden has been beckoning and i’m afraid i have less focus than my children! its a sorry state of affairs here!

  5. oh dear R, you have a lot on your plate. God will give you the grace to see the light at the end of the tunnel (and it’s not a train!). Prayers for your dolly, and your baby. And you.

  6. Congrats to your oldest son! You must be proud 🙂

    I’m so sorry about your dd’s injury – that sounds so very painful; I don’t understand not taking it out though. Keep us updated!

    Blessings to you and yours, Regan!

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