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just because

who doesn’t love sweet peas?

and because i’ve missed writing.

and sharing.

and taking some time for me.


i took some pictures for a friend of her daughter’s first Holy Communion this weekend.

i felt honored that she asked me. and tickled to stick my eyeball in that lens.

i really want to do something further with photography.

my head says, “go for it!” 

i am passionate.

but my heart knows it’s not time.

this is not my season for doing anything other than what needs to be done here.

do you have dreams too?

things you’ve put off because you are a mama to many?

i’ve always coped with this just fine.

why is it bugging me all of a sudden?

burnout probably.

summer is almost here.

we have one. more. week. left.

then that big girl graduates.


i really intended for this post to go in a completely different direction.

but my fingers got the best of me.

happy monday, friends.

happy sweet peas.

happy mothering.

and happy dreaming!


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