just because

who doesn’t love sweet peas?

and because i’ve missed writing.

and sharing.

and taking some time for me.


i took some pictures for a friend of her daughter’s first Holy Communion this weekend.

i felt honored that she asked me. and tickled to stick my eyeball in that lens.

i really want to do something further with photography.

my head says, “go for it!” 

i am passionate.

but my heart knows it’s not time.

this is not my season for doing anything other than what needs to be done here.

do you have dreams too?

things you’ve put off because you are a mama to many?

i’ve always coped with this just fine.

why is it bugging me all of a sudden?

burnout probably.

summer is almost here.

we have one. more. week. left.

then that big girl graduates.


i really intended for this post to go in a completely different direction.

but my fingers got the best of me.

happy monday, friends.

happy sweet peas.

happy mothering.

and happy dreaming!


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8 thoughts on “just because

  1. Your sweet peas ARE so pretty. Just because.

    I definitely relate to having dreams but having to wait for now … I think those dreams are from God, and He will guide you in them. Just continue to do His will! And perhaps He already is giving you little opportunities to do more with your beautiful photography: the senior pictures, the First Holy Communion pictures. Little ways for you to use your gift that don’t really take you away from your primary duties. Plus, you bless so many people here with your lovely images! So, continue to praise Him in your photography, Regan. He is so delighted.

    May the Lord bless you in this last week of school. I hope everything wraps up well for all of you! Extra prayers for the senior! 🙂

  2. I have NO doubt that when the time comes you WILL do GREAT things with photography!

    In awe of your talent,

  3. Christine on said:

    OOOOOH AHHHHH..that picture was PERFECT!

    lets see dreams…well I always check for some reason to see if there are any art teaching positions open at our schools. Turns out there is, however, I have a baby and this is not the time.

    Our life would fall apart if I went back to work.

    If all I did was go to work everyday like my husband…no kids…no dishes…no laundry…no shopping…I could do that. But I do not have time to work!! Anyways I really like staying home with the kiddos. I figure they will grow up soon enough and I will miss them.

    Good to hear from you!

  4. lovely pictures! your freinds daughter is very lucky. good to hear from you!

  5. annita on said:

    Gorgeous, gorgeous picture! +JMJ+

  6. annita on said:

    I’ve tried twice to comment, and they are not showing up?? That picture is absolutely gorgeous! Wow! +JMJ+

  7. You’re too stinkin’ cute! We all get burned out now and again. It’s life, but at least you know why you are putting aside the dreams for now, because you know how important it is to be there for the kids. You are awesome, mama!!! I popped a letter in the post for you today. 😉

  8. Love this post. I have dreams too, but I’m okay with waiting. I know that I will have lots of time to do things, that I can’t do now because my kids are little, when they are all grown up. I can wait. Of course, by the time they are graduating high school…lol, I might be a little burned out too!

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