shall we?

talk about summer? my evasive little friend…and how a cool breeze is making the vertical blinds sway back and forth as i write…

and how it is cool enough to need blankets. but just stuffy enough so that i need the fan because it helps me feel like i can breathe easier when i am trying to go to sleep.

no, that claustrophobic feeling has nothing to do with my being sandwiched between two snoring forms!

silly you!

or shall we talk about the great pains of getting one’s eyebrows waxed. i was a first timer. yes, i have always taken the tweezers to my brows, but while sitting in the nail/pedicure/waxing/ salon while half daughter got her nails done… i had this wild urge to indulge my eyebrows with warm, sweet wax!

two. words: OUCH! OUCH!

don’t let those places fool you with their quiet, little private rooms so that seem so…well, quiet and inviting

i even silenced my cell phone so middle son would stop pestering me for the new netflix password(which is change every so often just because i CAN!!)

after they were done with me i had the sudden urge to call someone for help.

’nuff said.

i am probably exaggerating.

well, tomorrow is the big DAY.

the half-daughter graduates. we will feast and be merry.

and summer really begins.

i finished grades and all traces of paperwork/ attendance this afternoon while intermittently watching back-to-back episodes of the office on netflix. pretending to be “sick” AND busy so as not to be “bothered” by anyone who happened to need anything.

this terrible feeling of couch-potato-ness swept over me and with the help of super fast internet on my laptop it is all too easy to ignore the laundry….which is a GINORMOUS beast as we speak.

but then again it’s summer……..almost anyway.

and next year i’ll have another senior.

and i’ll be super rushed and flustered then too. again.

and so it goes…this cycle of mothering.

do i look like peanut (our hamster) when he is roaming around the house in his see-thru yellow ball? oblivious. lost. confused. overwhelmed. tired…..????


but at least i have GREAT looking eyebrows!!!!

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8 thoughts on “shall we?

  1. You look great (checked your photo on flickr!)! What a pretty mama…and so very young! I had my very first baby when I was your age!

    We took so many days/weeks off during the year that we will only have August off officially, although the kids are done with most of their workbooks. Math and writing continue til the end of July. hardly enough time for me to prepare for the year ahead! I dread the planning, whereas I used to enjoy it. Must be homeschool burnout.

    Love to you, friend!

  2. I love the picture of you on the sidebar….did we miss your birthday? You are sooo young!! Is that pre-eyebrow treatment, or after, because whichever it is, they look great!

    Best wishes for your daughter –is a half daughter a stepdaughter?
    Exciting day, you’ll make it!
    Then bring on summer days!

  3. Well, it’s not letting me see ANY pictures, except for your header. I’ll just assume the eyebrows were worth the pain!! And, I’ll stick to pedicures.

    Happy Graduation weekend!

  4. annita on said:

    Ah, I just finished up all my record keeping, filing, packing up the books…

    You are beautiful, Regan!

  5. You are a beautiful lady in and out! Enjoy and congrats to the graduate!!!!!!! WE both have son’s graduating next year. 🙂 How funny!

    I am putzing about the house, doing this chore or that one, depending upon how I’m feeling. I fall apart about once a month (ahem). LOL! In a few days I will be back to my fully energized self (and stop loathing my laziness at the moment). There’s always many things to do, but they will be things that come again soon . . . so if they get missed (or, in my case, thoroughly avoided for the time being) it isn’t such a big deal.

    Love you, chickie.

  6. missing your pretty virtual face around. hoping you are relaxing. a lot. even if you have to fake sick.

    ps don’t give out that password. 😉

  7. I tweeze mine too. I have had them wax them before, but they get wax happy and before I know it, I look like someone else. I like my WOMANly eybrows just fine. =)

  8. the couch has been way too comfortable here, too. no office marathons but other nonsensical stuff. and my eyebrows are just barely tweezed.

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