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the first

{pretty, funny, happy, real!!!} for me. (aka: the post wherein i overuse certain words. we’ll see if you can guess which ones.)

things i can relate to…hooray!!!

in fact…i had trouble narrowing it down…

so maybe i squeezed in two {pretty} shots.

but it’s summer.

and i tend to get a little obsessed with coreopsis in the summer.

in fact. not only is it {pretty}.

but…turns out it makes me {happy} too!

and so i may have turned yesterday’s art lesson into a sweat-shop-production-of-coreopsis-inspired-paintings-made-specially-for-mama…

luckily my daughter obliges my fanatical whims.


it’s not {funny} that it’s thursday.

and neither is the fact the baby didn’t use a hyphen {funny}.

it’s just {funny} that we were commanded told to leave this there (magnetically attached to the kitchen door)”all day”.

maybe he just needs a reminder that it is indeed thursday!!!

and last.

but certainly not least…


a very {real} cup of coffee.

two {real} mama books from the library: she walks in beauty a woman’s journey through poems and woman food and God.

a {real} “flower” picked from our mint patch.

and i really played with the ISO on my camera this morning…

now shoo! (and i mean that in the nicest way)

go visit here for more {pretty, funny, happy, real}

(i couldn’t add the button to my blog for some reason…)

{happy} viewing!

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