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channeling my inner betsy ross i am trying to finish this little flag for my mama. my fingertips are sore. but i’m almost there….

i had a craving for meatball and ricotta stuffed calzones last nite. my goodness they were good!

my kids are still playing with fireworks. and i have to admit…i secretly love it. aren’t they so pretty?

that special prayer intention i told you about…it was for my girl. and that darn needle which is still embedded in her leg. this has been such a dilemma. and although i cannot understand why it hasn’t been resolved yet, i am trying to be patient. and accepting.

God forgive me for being so impatient. but as a mama my aim is always to fix things. as quickly as possible. to help. to kiss things and make them better. so after 5 different doctors and opinions. professional ones. she will be having surgery on the 25th to have it removed. under anesthesia. much to my dismay.

so yeah, i am still asking for prayers. maybe more for me than for her. she is such a strong little thing.

be with me, Lord, at my rising in the morning. give me reverence of YOU and a repentant heart.

that was in the magnificat this morning. very lovely, don’t you think?

it summed up my feelings rather nicely.

the weather here is delicious.

i simply cannot think of a better word. really.

the cool breeze has actually been causing my vertical blinds to clap. with joy. because it’s july. and it’s not hot.

selfishly i do not want this cool spell to leave.

but like all good things i am just trying to enjoy it while it lasts.

ok. so i am off…cousins are here…to play…and offer a form of companionship that i cannot. so i will be puttering around…forgotten…trying to find something to do…at least until everyone is hungry again. then i am suddenly the go-to-gal….

and…just for inquiring minds…these pics are taken with the new toy. not much different than the other pics you say? well, no, not really. you’re right! except it is wonderful for low-light conditions. which in this old house…almost every photo is taken in such conditions…so…well worth it to me!


ps. do you like this new look? tell me what you think…i am not sure if it is too stark?

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4 thoughts on “today book

  1. You really need to wait that long?? I’d be feeling the same about a needle in my daughter’s leg, too. Just thinking about it is a bit painful … hopefully it does not cause her pain. Will pray for successful surgery and no pain.

    The last few days have been in the 70’s here. My favorite temps for summer days. However, next week is predicted to be in the 90’s … YUCK! I’ll be forced to go out and water my garden.

    Your blog look is just different than I expected. It’s feel is clean and crisp to me. My eye is drawn to your pictures.

  2. annita on said:

    Prayers for your daughter and you! I like the new look. Clean, simple. Your pics are always fantastic! +JMJ+

  3. I think, no matter what, your blog will always feel like you…and that’s a wonderful thing. Not too stark at all. Like Suzie said, the focus is on the photos and also–as always–that wonderful sharing of the heart that you do so well.

    Two full weeks of July left! Do you feel the need, like me, to drain it to the dregs?

    (Prayers, too, for your daughter–prayers especially to Our Lady of Mount Carmel.)

    Love! : )

  4. we will make sure to remember her in our prayers on that day. well, before too..but you know what I mean.

    and there is a difference in the pictures. they look less grainy to me.

    and a little bit more clear

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