plain jane and some other things

i am not a plain jane.

who was i kidding?

and so i could not keep that “theme” i had up for those few days.

i might be moping a little bit.

i don’t want to…so i will tell you about that yummy bean dip instead.

very easy peasy. layer some re-fried beans.(heated slightly). (i mashed canned organic pinto beans for a quick fix) top w/ cheese. add a layer of sour cream and guacamole (ours is just mashed avocados, lime juice, crushed red chile pepper, garlic (fresh and powder) purple diced onions and roma tomatoes). then top with salsa (or more sour cream and cheese) and even some yummy, colorful bell peppers.

and how we went to see the ballet folklorico on friday night.

and how we even re-scheduled that darn surgery to see said ballet.

it was so important to her.

and i just may be spoiling her a bit right now.

like by ordering her a whole bunch of new books from alibris and b-n.

which books?

the incorrigible children of ashton place book one (which she already devoured but i want to read it aloud to the baby and not be in a big hurry to take it back to the library) and book two.

two penderwick books

and two callahan cousins books.

am i bargaining with God?

as in:”look Lord, please keep her safe, she has a bunch of summer reading to do!”


pitiful of me, i know.

a very dear friend gave me a tight hug today when i expressed my crazy feelings.

 a dear priest friend annointed her with some holy oils and relic of the True Cross. (there IT is…so beautiful, huh?)

with saints and angels to pray for us….what more could we ask for?

i am so very thankful for the gift of our Catholic faith.

because faith is a gift.

a very special gift.

if you are a magnificat reader you remember these words from yesterday:

“it is the assurance of things not yet seen.” st. paul. hebrews 11:1

it is God saying:

come and follow ME into the darkness. I want to know you are ready to go into the things that you do not see yet, on faith alone.

a very important component of true love is: trust.

and i trust HIM.

with my life. with hers.

and with everyone and everything that i love.

because HE loved every bit of us first.

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7 thoughts on “plain jane and some other things

  1. You are no plain Jane for sure–we all know that.

    I do like this look better though!!

    Praying for your sweet daughter.

  2. I will keep your girl in my prayers…but did I miss something? I don’t recall reading anything in any of your previous posts about a necessary surgery!

    I do like the re-vamping of the blog. It is nice to redecorate now and then.

  3. i like your blog, but to be honest, i like reading it through my reader better. the pictures are bigger that way. you ordered all of those? we listened to the ICOAP book 1 on CD, then borrowed the second from the library, but are only 1 or 2 chapters in. Got the Penderwicks when it came out (but I’m a tad disappointed in this 3rd book, I must say). and C just finished the 1st book of the Callahan cousins. She’s re-reading it. All that to say…Great List! But most importantly thank you for the reminder about Magnificat. I purchased it, and had forgotten that I did so. I’m not even blogging lately and I can’t keep it together!

  4. Oh my dear, I don’t know where this plain jane came from but you could not be plain if you tried. You are radiant, beautiful, stunning, so lovely. 😉

    I would like to send your little dolly a little get-well gift. Would she like a necklace or a bracelet?

  5. annita on said:

    She’ll be okay, but I will certainly keep her and you in my prayers! I was being honest when I said I liked the neat and clean look, but I do love color! The funny thing, the older I get, the more I like to decorate and dress in vibrant colors. I used to be more conservative in both areas. Your photos are beautiful (I say that a lot, but it’s true!) +JMJ+

  6. I’m with Nadja – did I miss something? Whatever it is I hope all is soon well! Your pictures are gorgeous, as always. Plain – ha! That quilt is so yummy, with a pillow there too? Stunning statue, but the relic – oh my.

  7. Sweetest Regan. Covered in prayer. Be still. You are right where God wants you. He does love you and yours so very much. Just love back. Simple. Difficult, some of the time, but simple none the less. Love to you, dear one. Hugs for your sweet girl – and many prayers.

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