very much

geesh. i just realized how very much i used the words very much in yesterday’s post.

yet you were all so kind!!!

and then i went and changed things again….

excepting my proclivity for using the words very much…

for i very much love our weedy-sunflower “trees”. they grow multiple sunflowers. and they are so tall and colorful. and they last well into summer.

i very much love the little boy who arranged this car club gathering on my ironing board.

(i might start using the word little boy rather than baby…because, well, just because he isn’t really a baby anymore.)

 i very much love the flowers on this little plant…picked for me by the biggest boy…and how they brighten up the spot in my kitchen where i stand and wash countless dishes….because i am too lazy to load things into the dishwasher!

so, friends, what are you very much loving right now????

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3 thoughts on “very much

  1. I’ll bet Barbara would LOVE you to assist her with her dishes right about now. Too lazy to load the dishwasher, but you’ll stand there and wash them??? You would be IDEAL for Barbara about now. 🙂 Love to you both (as I reckon she’ll be along soon and read this).

  2. Christine on said:

    I am loving your bloggy. This look is so cool!

    I am loving time spent will all of my kids this summer. We just hang out a lot together.
    I really love being home with the kids. Love that my husband is the BEST HUBBY in the world.
    I am loving my faith with confession last weekend. My morning coffee and prayer time this morning.

    I am loving life.

    and loving friends through this thing called blogging.

  3. Yes! This look is a bit more you… great fun.

    I very much love the fresh produce I’m harvesting from the garden.
    I also very much love – and am thankful! – that damaging parts of the last few storms have missed our farm.
    Very much love that my husband makes brunch on Sunday mornings … and I am going to join them right now!

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