dear july….

before i forget…and you are gone…

i wanted you to know that you have been so good to us.

with your cool mornings.

and your scattered wild sweet peas on the side of the road.

of course we picked a few. for our Sacred Heart Altar.

and of course there was that day at the beach…

filled with sand and seashells. the sun was hiding. and the roar of the ocean almost lulled me to sleep…

except there was so much to see…everyone made a new friend to play in the waves with. and then there were treasures to behold…

and then we tried those scones we heard about here.

they were absolutely deliciously lovely.

i was proud to perfect my hamburger buns recipe for the bread maker. quick. easy. and loved by all.

even the pickiest of eaters.

there is still so much i could i write about…but some things will just have to be our little secret…

and instead i will close with my favorite quotable that i read this month…i hope you will enjoy it too…

“one of the commonest natural experiences of the sense of loss is tiredness: it empties us out….it is useless to reproach a tired heart. and when we are tired out the only way to God is the simplest wordless act of faith. a woman too weary for articulate prayer will find that for her the best of all prayer is the unspoken act of faith in Christ in her children when she knows that  she is setting the table and baking the cake (or scones!!) for the Christ Child, her soul will be at rest.”

thank you, july magnificat for that.

those were soothing words to this weary mama.

happy weekend friends.

hope to see you monday.

with good news of a safe and successful surgery.


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4 thoughts on “dear july….

  1. You have my prayers.

  2. Ok, whoah!! New Look!! I like it! You must share that perfect hamburger bun recipe. You might have it the one from Annie’s Eats? Glad you liked the scones. Your pic makes me want to make them again! I put up a quote about prayer today too. =) Lovely, how God speaks to us through our blogging friends.

  3. Scones … yum … went through the links to get the recipe! Every blog’s pictures made the scones look absolutely delightful.

    Glad to hear the surgery was successful.

    IF, you have a moment in the coming week(s), I would like to know your hamburger bun recipe. Baking bread – by way of the bread machine prepping the dough for me – is one of my favorite kitchen tasks. Nothing better than the smell of baking, and the taste of fresh baked, bread in any form.

  4. Sweet July days! Can you believe this month is almost over? Weren’t we just watching fireworks?!

    I have been using a different prayer book this month, so I missed those wonderful, comforting, encouraging words. I am going to go back and find them. That is a quote worth saving!

    I will be praying for your daughter. And you … Tomorrow. Please let us know how she is doing, OK?

    Blessings, Friend.

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