three words

she is fine.

she is breathing on her own.

that’s six words.

thank you, doctor. three.

BLESSED BE GOD. three again.

THANK YOU, LORD. another three.

and finally: Jesus, i trust in YOU.

apparently people have simple surgeries all. the. time. in and out.

they cut you open and send you home almost as quickly as you zip thru a drive thru to order a burger and fries.

this is something that i, the super panicky type has trouble fathoming….i, who once called the paramedics (when this girl child was just a baby) because i cut her little fingernail and it wouldn’t stop bleeding.

me of so little faith.

i teeter at the edge of faithfulness. what can i say?

it’s a trust thing.

Lord, help me in my unbelief.

help me to trust even though i can’t see You.

now if you will excuse me i am going to take a very long nap while the patient and her big sis watch the king’s speech.

AND have a glass of wine later!

thank you, friends for all of your prayers and well wishes too….

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6 thoughts on “three words

  1. Nice Concept !

  2. I am so happy and relieved for you…

    And totally off the subject, I love the look of your blog! Wow…you are really some designer…!

    Hugs to you and your Girl!

  3. annita on said:

    Wonderful, Regan! I knew she would be fine, BUT I understand. I have heart palpitations every time I enter a hospital! Continued prayers and God bless. +JMJ+

  4. sarah on said:

    Praise the Lord! (Three more words for you =) I was thinking about you … and praying for her yesterday! I hope she has a speedy recovery!

    P.S. I don’t know why I am coming up with a weird ID. I’ve been on my mom’s computer, and it does things mine does not ~ ha!!

  5. Beautiful. God is so wonderful. You are a cutie patootie and I do wish I could have a glass of wine with you, you darling girl, you. Aloha!

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