{pretty, funny, happy, real}

“capturing the context of contentment in everyday life”

every thursday at like mother, like daughter

{pretty}: red paint for a thrifted bookshelf. which also makes me happy!

{funny}: it is funny that this girl child, even with stitches in her leg, can’t sit still. here she is up and around painting said bookshelf.

{happy}: the baby is happy to help paint same red bookshelf too. only that doesn’t make us happy. so we give him a star to paint instead. ooohhh…that shiny star is pretty too!

{real}: my very real husband caught a very real fish.

he butchered it and together we cooked it right up.

 it was very yummy. ugly. but yummy nevertheless!

my real husband looking so handsome in white. (and letting me take his picture!)

and finally a very real candle.

to mask the not-so-funny- fishy-smell that is permeating the air!

so that’s it!

random daily contentment….one doesn’t really have to look far….there is so much to choose from…..can’t wait to see what everyone else is up to!

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11 thoughts on “{pretty, funny, happy, real}

  1. Nice Photographs !

  2. Great pictures! And I love your last line about having so much to choose from when looking for contentment – so true yet so easy to overlook. Thanks 🙂

  3. Red is such a happy color, isn’t it? I want to re-paint our classroom (it’s currently yellow & green) with caramel walls and red & blue accents.

    Thumbs’ up? Yes or no?

    And I love that you let the little one paint, and I love that your daughter is on the mend. Evidently I’m FULL of love this morning; it must be your pretty blog. : )

  4. Love that shade of red! Freshly caught fish sounds really good right now, but I am with you on that lingering fish odor thing. It always seems worse when it is warm outside!

  5. Your post made me smile!

  6. I love baby painting!

  7. Christine on said:

    Hope your little sweet girl heals fast. Kids usually do.
    ME…I would complain and be sore forever.

    LOVE THE PICS especially MR. FISHY

  8. annita on said:

    Fantastic pictures! My kids love to help paint. My 17 y/o daughter just repainted our 1/2 bath this week… looks like a professional did it! +JMJ+

  9. I can truly ‘smell’ the fish, only because I recently spilled fish oil and used a kitchen towel to wipe it up. The smell is hard to get out!

    The red is a fun accent color …

  10. What a gorgeous shade of cherry red.

    Loved the baby painting too. Ginger likes to help paint. We give her water and a brush – she does the fences and the ground, and the legs of people standing nearby:)

  11. I love your blog so much I almost fell over. Keep it up.

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