write on

i have started and stopped this post at least four times in the last couple of weeks.

the title was all wrong and for me when the title is all wrong, well, then the whole post is off…

so what does a lazy perfectionist do in a situation like this?

she. they don’t write anything. that’s what.

and then she they can’t sleep really well for many nights because there are all of these unwritten thoughts swirling around in the head of said lazy perfectionist.

which is not me of course.

wink. wink.

so. as i make this last-ditch. late nite effort to “write on”: what do i want to tell this space?

:: that the baby is reading green eggs and ham. yup. all 63 pages of it. over and over again. almost ad nauseum. and i wouldn’t say that if i weren’t just so darned happy that he is actually reading!

::that the quiet, pensive middle boy turned 14. big sigh. i told him that he couldn’t do that to me. but that’s a whole ‘nother post! because everything isn’t about me. (except, well, maybe here it is!)

::that the daddy had a birthday. 36. but he is a lot like peter pan…so…need i say more? ahem.

::that the biggest boy got his driver’s license. (it came in the mail today and i wanted to send it back). “that is someone else’s grown child!!” i wanted to scream at the postman. (i didn’t of course). what would the neighbors think anyway? we are already weird ’cause we homeschool.

::that the little girl got her stitches out today. and how we are finally done with that blasted needle…and we are really careful now about needles and other sharp things and where we stick them. etc. etc.

::that the biggest girl moved out and turns 18 in 2 weeks. that she sends me snail mail and it makes me cry.

::that i like to whistle the 1812 overture sometimes and the little girl whistles along with me!!! (can you just hear us?)

::that i am thinking a lot about school. lesson plans. earlier bedtimes. and winding down….

:: that i am thinking about the enormous task of homeschooling a child who asks me things like: “mom, would you rather die by burning hot volcanic lava or freeze to death?”

the jury is still out on that one.

i wasn’t quite able to decide…


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6 thoughts on “write on

  1. There are so many happenings in a day that seem so large in our hearts and so insignificant in writing. As much as I appreciate and give thanks for the written word, it sometimes seems such a woefully inadequate mode of expression. I hope that in Heaven we will be able to communicate soul to soul, without the awkward shortcomings of language…

    Congratulations to your little reader!

  2. Yay! … for the reader. Still waiting on my newest reader to ‘really’ get going. Now know the eye sight is perfect, so it just needs time and persevereance in reading longer each day.

    Mmmmm… hot lava or freezing. The things that kids think about are really quite funny.

  3. Love, love, love the new look. It’s you. Really. I just know. 😉

    Lots to comment on here…

    14…pensive, but I hope not surly. We have surly. Ugly surly going on 15 in four days.

    Driver’s licenses…we mothers have a love-hate with those. We love that he can run to the bank, post office, but we hate that he can actually get behind the wheel of a 4000-pound…o.k., I won’t go there. You know.

    I love to whistle but I’m a slow whistler…no 1812 overture.

    PS freeze definitely. It’s slow and not painful, at least compared to lava.

  4. I’d definitely go for the freezing to death . . . first off, when you suffer hypothermia, you fall asleep or pass out . . . I reckon, quietly going to the Lord . . . Whereas, with fire, I think you’ll scream a lot, and, flail about . . . just fanning the flames. Also, it would smell. So . . . there you are.

    But, please don’t do either! 😉 letter is in the mail to you, love.

  5. Hello, hello! So good to read what you’ve been up to these days. Sounds like a lot of good things! We are (thinking about) winding down here, too, although I still have so much to do … But it’s coming together, which is exciting!

    Love and prayers across the miles …

  6. Just had to google the overture. What beautiful music. I really need to listen to more classical.

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