a collective effort

it started with the idea to make the grammie a quilt.

a colorful mish-mash of fabrics from our stashes.

(those sunflowers are from my garden!!)

for a little woman who had a passion for her garden in her stronger days.

then it turned into a lesson in using the big machine for the girl-child.

those two were my mother’s ideas. she is the patient one.

notice her hands are helping. not mine.

i’m just the picture taker. sans wedding ring and with chewed fingernails *gasp* more bad habits

so i worked on my half alone because there are certain things i won’t do with my children.

teaching them to tie their shoes is one of them.

another is enduring painful lessons wherein i teach something that i really like to do for fun and recreation-but somehow leads to frustration and sometimes even tears on their part-because-well-frankly i don’t really know why-maybe that’s just not my forte.

besides that’s what nana’s are for. don’t you agree?

there was some hand stitching to be done.

a block which read: with love to the woman who taught us to work with our hands.

and the binding. which i really enjoyed sewing with some pearled cotton thread.

two things which ARE right up my alley!

it is now complete. tied with a rainbow of  silk ribbon bows. washed and ready to be delivered today.

because sometimes weekends are for giving…even when you’d rather be taking. a break. or a nap with a newly made quilt that you worked so hard on….

see i’m really not the one with good ideas….i told you so.

ps. tongue in cheek: i did add a small piece of our lady of guadalupe fabric(just in case the little grammie wants to have a “reversion” back to our beloved Catholic faith anytime soon…that was a good idea, huh? *wink*wink*)

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10 thoughts on “a collective effort

  1. Wow. THAT is a gift! You have so many talents…writing, photography, sewing and more. You constantly inspire, Regan!

  2. That was beautiful Regan!! I totally get that patience thing too. Yes, some things are better with Grammy!! Love the added blessed piece of fabric….don’t forget to add a little holy water to it!!

  3. Oh, Regan! I soo laughed when I read that you don’t like to ‘teach’ what you consider a fun hobby because it’s not your ‘forte’!! THAT is SOOO ME. And I really do like sewing and quilting, but am not so great at passing on the love of it to my daughter. Yes, thank goodness for the encouragement of grandmothers. Their love and praise has soothed away the sting of my sometimes sharp comments to my budding sewer/quilter.

    Beautiful quilt. And, yes, Our Lady was a perfect addition.

  4. Christine on said:


  5. That is absolutely lovely…the concept, the quilt AND the post with its great photos.

  6. What a lovely gift! All of the love across all those generations … I love the pretty fabric (especially Our Lady’s fabric!) and the pretty ribbons, and yet that quilt is so much more than pretty fabric and ribbons. It is a gift of self, of pure heart and soul. Wonderful!! I am sure she just loved it.

    And I completely relate to the patience thing, too. Just experienced it today with our little Assumption tea party. Sometimes they just have to wait their turn, and that’s hard to learn. And sometimes I have to remember that extra (unnecessary) projects (my own) are simply not doable in this phase of my life, and I have to put them aside or just be OK with them taking forever to finish. And that’s hard to learn, too.

    (Ditto: Thank God for grandmas!)

    A blessed Feast Day to you and yours, Regan!

  7. Rebecca M on said:

    The quilt is beautiful! Now I am really inspired to use my new machine!

  8. You do never know, Regan, and Mary can do MUCH good in her own quiet way.

    Prayers for Grammie…love to you…and a sigh every time I come over here and see that beautiful blue header at the top of your blog.

  9. OH my gosh, I just love it. Such beautiful colors. How did you do the writing? Is it a fabric fast pen or embroidered? I always want to write all over my quilts, but not sure if you can do that. LOVE love love the colors and that your girl is learning. I will one day teach my boys. Isaiah is very intenrested – anything w/ a motor, I tell you! Love these colors. So inspiring!!

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