life according to aesop

sometimes i find myself feeling guilty that we are not more schoolish around here, but then my mind and heart are quickly put at ease when i remember the benefits of our Learning Lifestyle: children that are LIVING and LOVING. learning skills which have long-term effects and not just “sitting at a desk all the day long.” these children are gaining wisdom and knowledge. they are communicating with adults and peers and doing it well. they are learning what REAL life is all about. this is what education is all about. this is the REAL world.

i wish i could give credit to the author of those words. they are not mine. i found them around the same time that i found: fret not my soul, on God rely.

they were words that i needed during this particular point in my day. week. month. year. season.

the season wherein piano lessons and algebra. british literature and american government are added to an already busy schedule.

the season wherein the middle boy struggles to find a clear thesis statement. and the mama struggles with the overwhelming burden of just being the mama.

the mama whose clearest thesis statement would be that homeschooling and parenting are each a daunting task on their own

combine the two and, well, sometimes there is a spontaneous combustion of sorts.

and you just have to scratch everything you thought you knew and live life according to aesop: slow and steady wins the race.

because when everything blows up in your face and you sit amidst the wreakage of your illusions….there comes this wonderful sense of detachment from those illusions.

you know them too, don’t you? the ones of the perfect homeschool. the perfect life. the perfect marriage. perfect meals….a perfect house.

and you get a grip on the reality that is your life. and that life needs work. and unless that work is united to something greater. SOMEONE greater…then you might as well curl up in a ball and die.

so there are sticky oatmeal kisses. and close body contact during story time. an early morning coffee date with the husband. rubbing faces with a stubbly-faced man-child who has the capacity to make your blood boil and heart melt almost simultaneously.

fervor is renewed by seeing the baby walking around the yard with a pick ax slung over his shoulder. observing ants and fallen eggshells.

yes, finding that clear thesis statement is a struggle.

but anything worth doing well is worth the struggle, my father once told me.

a dear priest friend said to me just this morning that there is strength and courage in the Sacrificial Heart.

strength and courage.

more words that aren’t mine. but i would so like to make them my own.

slowly. steadily.

one step at a time.

that aesop!

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6 thoughts on “life according to aesop

  1. Oh, it is overwhelming at times, isn’t it? Strength and Courage….I’ll remember that.
    Like when I just want to plop on the couch and rest.

    No one has that perfect life, if it looks as if they do, they are misleading us. I’m convinced of that.

    A house cannot always be clean and perfect when there are kiddos around.

    Beautiful post and photos as always!

  2. I’ve missed you terribly, Regan. Beautiful. Peace!

  3. I was going to apologize for tagging you for a homeschool meme, but after reading the first few lines of this post, I realized that you were one of those I really wanted a response from! I am dipping into “unschooling waters” this year for the first time, and although I do have some solid math and writing programs, I have no lesson plan and no schedule. And I have not become unraveled as a result, much to my own surprise!

    Readings from Divine Intimacy have dealt recently with courage and fortitude. I am afraid I am neither strong, nor courageous, but fall upon our Lord, who can make me both if circumstances require it. Unlike many saints, I don’t go asking for sufferings and challenges; I just beg for the grace to bear up well under those He sends or permits.

    Glad you posted today…it’s been a while.

    Oh, the meme is here; feel free to ignore it:

  4. Christine on said:

    Good to hear your voice through the bloggy. I wait and wait everyday for you on my little sidebar of bloggys.

    Taking it slow and steady is how to win it.

    Love the pics as always. The wine picture is my fav.

  5. I’ve missed you.

    This is a beautiful post.

  6. Lovely as always, Regan.

    I can surely relate to those illusions … I have this idea in my head of what I’d like things to look like ’round here, and I get sooooooo frustrated when I can’t figure out how to get it! I feel frazzled and like our house is crazy. At the same time, I know that in the midst of all of it is God’s will. And I am putting my trust in Him (well, at least really, really trying to)!

    Take care, and hugs across the miles.
    God bless!

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