to make myself write something here.

i’ve been journaling like mad.

and putting this together. let me know what you think. i am excited. scared. nervous.

oh. and homeschooling. running a home. cooking 3 meals a day and chasing the dream of being caught up on the laundry!!!

what are you up to?

is anyone out there???  i wouldn’t blame you if you’re not…..

i’ve been a terrible bloggy friend lately.

barely even lurking.

there are only so many hours in the day….

and so much to see…

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9 thoughts on “endeavoring…

  1. Regan!!!!! Congratulations on the other photography site and business!!!!! It’s wonderful. Your photos are so beautiful to look at.

    Great to see a post from you and nice to see what you are up to!!
    God bless you!

  2. Wow! Regan, I am awed (and a wee bit jealous of your talent!) Your photography is fantastic, and I wish you tons of success with the business!! I’ve missed you, and was thinking of you just last night and wondering what you were up to!

  3. annita on said:

    Just beautiful, Regan! You are so talented. I’m always so glad when you post, and it was a treat to see all of your amazing photographs. God bless!

  4. Fun to see another post from you. The new site looks wonderful, Regan. The name is very fitting…

  5. =D

    Love to you!

  6. Christine on said:

    You deserve it. Your pics. are always so puuuuurty.
    Your words are missed. Good to hear from you…you busy little mama!
    Hope all is well. Doing pretty much the same as you. Loving God, loving kids, loving nature and doing endless laundry.

  7. Gorgeous stuff from a beautiful heart and soul!

  8. The photography page looks fantastic! I love your pictures.

  9. Wow! Your photography is amazing. I always enjoy seeing a post from you.

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