a boston taxi??

“i love your blog, if you need a boston taxi, call me!”

you gotta love those spam comments…but when their numbers start reaching great heights you know it’s time to come and clean out the old blog…they are a bit like cobwebs…which actually very recently caused a bout of laughter in my life during the rosary before my grandmother’s funeral…yes, my grammie passed away 2 weeks ago…and there was a long, silky translucent web hanging over the head of one of my mom’s friends as we said our hail mary’s…of course the baby, being the baby, has a rather loud voice when it comes to such things…and couldn’t restrain himself from saying rather loudly “there is a COBWEB hanging from the ceiling!!” thank you, baby. seen and noted.


that baby. he drives me crazy. but he is a joy.

he is still one of my favorite faces to photograph.

and as i’ve sort of been moving towards this photography business thing…i like to keep looking at this face…so that my priorities remain focused on what’s important.

mamas have all sorts of mama dreams. for their children. for their marriages. for their lives. but when a mama has a dream for herself it can get lost. it can seem selfish. especially when *gasp* there are cobwebs hanging from the ceiling…

but as i sit here writing this…on the FIRST day of a NEW year…in a hotel room…6 hours away from home….while we patiently wait now for my dad’s mama to pass away….things get shifted around inside head and heart….life is short. life is but a shadow. and as the matriarchs from both sides of my family fade away into eternity i feel their strength. i feel their faith.

and i am excited about a lot of things again. like knitting. and my very own homemade granola.

and not worrying about the wonky format of this post…..

xoxoxox. friends. praying and wishing you the best today because it’s new year’s and always…just because.

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6 thoughts on “a boston taxi??

  1. annita on said:

    Regan, So very sorry for your loss. Prayers for your father’s mother… that she might pass peacefully with her loved ones surrounding her. May the New Year bring you peace and comfort. Love, Annita +JMJ+

  2. I, too, am sorry for you loss . . . Keep looking at what’s important and know you are loved. We are all loved into existence and into eternity – there’s love everywhere along the journey.

  3. So sorry about your grandmothers. Praying you have peace.

  4. Happy New Year, dearest Regan. This is a beautiful post–beautiful despite the pain.

    You wrote that you “like to look at [your] baby’s face so that your priorities remain focused on what’s important.” Those are the words I’m going to take away with me today–those words, along with a prayer in my heart (I’m writing your name at the top of my planner!) for your extra extra special intentions.

    Love to you!

  5. Hey lady. Just wanted to drop you a line, letting you know that I still read your blog and enjoy it, even when you only write every once in a great while. =) Blessings to your family at this sad (and joyful) time. Just finished reading “Everything is Grace”….gave me a whole new perspective on death and heaven and living forever. Quite amazing to see things with an eternal perspective.

  6. Sorry to hear about your grandmother, but I’m glad your son could provide some levity at a sad time.
    I prefer spam about Rolex Watches to cab rides, but that’s me.

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