{the spring of things}

Lent must be over. i am laying in bed with a laptop, well, on my lap, a plate of strawberries and some of this at my right side and to my left my ipod sits, should i get any moves on words with friends, my newest obsession.  {and it only became an obsession-i must add-while i was sick for over a month with a nasty upper respiratory infection-which left me pretty much with zero energy-stranded in the crook of the couch-which oddly, is not where i really like to be….}

what would we do without our little indulgences, eh?

i wish i could say i’ve been up to a whole slew of interesting things. but i come to this space empty….

winter was long. cold. and harsh to me. mentally. physically. and emotionally.

my body and soul deeply experienced winter like never before.

maybe it’s because my big boy turned 18 and the baby turned 8.

the baby who just asked me not to call him “moomie” or “baby” anymore.

but alas! spring is here. and like the sweet budding, blossoming trees, i feel a change coming….

i’ve got some sewing projects that are almost ready to be shared.

yes, i think i like this getting into the spring of things….even if it’s bit by bit….

there is a storm outside {literally}. april is so unpredictable. like me.

but it’s my month! my birthday is in 2 days! this mama will be 36 years young!

my girl took this picture of me on easter. i don’t know why my eyeliner looks cleopatra-ish. she did some funky editing thing i’m sure.

and i might’ve requested some light airbrushing on my “age spots”. have you noticed when you are young they are called “freckles” but when you get older suddenly they are “age spots”?

ew. i don’ t like that.

i do like this mama hummingbird though. she has a nest in our big elm tree. we are keeping our eye out for signs of babies, but with the crazy weather i’m not sure how well those babies are faring. only time will tell….

i’m reaaaaaaaaaaaaaally looking forward to finding my niche here again. i’ve missed it so.

but only time will tell that too….

happy easter-ing, friends.


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7 thoughts on “{the spring of things}

  1. Dear, Regan. I have missed you! When I miss people, they are in thought and prayer even more. Happy Easter!!

  2. Happy Easter, great to hear a word out of you, see your pretty face and your beautiful thoughts and pictures!!

    Happy Birthday–God bless you!

  3. happy birthday! what a present to us, to see you here in this space again.

  4. annita on said:

    Happy Easter, beautiful Regan! So good to hear from you! +JMJ+

  5. Happy birthday, dear Regan…God bless you this day and all the days, ever…

  6. A birthday on the feast of Divine Mercy? That’s beautiful! YOU’RE beautiful!

    My winter has been a bit like yours only without the illness. We just keep on choosing what seems best, don’t we? Which is hard, because there are always 20
    things that seem *best* and only the one moment in front of us to do them.

    Hmm…Our Lord has a lesson there for me, I know.

    You were missed and you are loved and this spring has been so needed. I love the spring…almost as much as I love the fall…which is the season of *my* birthday…so there you go.

    Happy Easter, Regan! MUCH love!

  7. nadjamagdalena on said:

    A belated happy birthday, you beautiful mama! Your photos are so lovely…

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