{day 5 *crickets*, and me….}

crickets is that sound you hear when there’s nothing to hear….

no news is good news?

maybe so.

except the other day i did hear or rather see…..

it was the day i toLd you that the big boy was gone….

and then out of the blue he texted me. because in this society of texting and what-nots it was easier for him to do this ’cause he knows not onLy is this mama’s heart  broken… but she’s mad!!!

oh the daddy is mad too, but when both the daddy and the mama are mad, the chiLdren aLways go to the mama….

they expect mama to be sweeter. and more forgiving. and Less harsh.

and this mama usuaLLy is aLL those things and more.

but……there comes a time in everyone’s Life when they have to(shouLd) grow up. and  suffering the consequences of poor choices made is just a smaLL part of what being an aduLt is aLL about….

i know. i know. try teLLing that to this generation which seems OBSESSED with the idea of perpetuaL adoLesence coupLed with LICENSE to do whatever feeLs good: young, wiLd and free!!!….{this is the part where i am hearing myseLf and not the crickets}.

but i don’t necessariLy Like what i am saying.

maybe i want you to teLL me that we shouLd open the doors, wide…. cook the fattened caLf and embrace our prodigaL son….but we have done this severaL times to no avaiL. and in the end we onLy Look fooLish, possibLy setting a precedent for the 3 pairs of eyes that are watching how we deaL with this “situation”. heck, they are probably even taking notes, you know how kids are….

so aside from the crickets. and aside from the sound of my own voice….i am waiting to hear what wisdom sounds Like….

which thus far has been pretty derned quiet…..


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5 thoughts on “{day 5 *crickets*, and me….}

  1. Christine on said:

    ((hugs)) for my bloggy friend Regan.
    I cannot know your pain but I am here to lean on and pray for you.
    Wisdom?! I am at a loss for words. just love that boy…then wring his neck?? That is all I have.
    Hoping for answered prayers.
    please let us know how it all turns out.

  2. Christine on said:

    PS. Happy Birthday to you. You look beautiful!

  3. “God’s love for his people is so great that it turns God against himself, his love against his justice.” ― Pope Benedict XVI

    As is a mother’s love…the desire to nurture vs the desire to discipline.

    You can’t ignore the truth no matter how hard it is to face. You know that.

    Praying you will know when the time is right to call him home. Remember the prodigal son came home on his own accord.

  4. Regan, I just love your perspective. And, yes I relate all too well. I’d just settle for a little common sense on most days…wisdom seems such a lofty virtue, but it is a gift of the Holy Spirit, so it’s there…somewhere.

    More prayers coming your way…

  5. so you know i have nothing to offer you. just love and prayers. lots of both headed your way.

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