{heLLo may}

isn’t this a pretty LittLe card? i found it on pinterest yesterday and was gLad. it Looks Like something i wouLd Like to create if i had the time…

and this pretty LittLe may day basket…it was Left on my porch yesterdaymorning  by a dear friend….i wouLd Like to get my act together enough {someday} to Leave such sweet things on the doorknobs of my peeps.

i am proud to report that i have started a quiLt for my girL. {inspired by pinterest}. it is very simpLe because as noted….i don’t have room on my pLate for anything more compLicated than those compLicated things that i cannot do anything about…{i won’t mention any names or anything…but YOU know!!!}

i am much farther aLong in the process than these pictures…which is a good thing.

but it’s kinda fun to Look back and say WOW!!

…i gave the queen of the may the fLowers from that may day basket….wanted to give her something besides aLL my compLaining….

….i Love thee, Lady most worthy of aLL Love, mother of MERCY, powerfuL with God….

and just because i was taLking about pinterest….here’s one of those totaLLy siLLy e-cards that tickLe my funny bone on a daiLy basis….{and because this one is soooooo me…}

happy wednesday, friends.



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2 thoughts on “{heLLo may}

  1. annita on said:

    You’re so funny… I love the e-card! The quilt is BEAUTIFUL! I love, love, love the colors! And, since I am using the word love so much, let me say that I share your love for Our Lady. I have all sorts of wonderful plans going through my head for the month of May. Peace! +JMJ+

  2. I think one of the first things I ever commented about on your blog was ‘how I would like to sew more’! …I’m back to that again and looking at your quilt with just a little stab of envy. The day will come, I’m positive, cuz my daughter’s 4-H sewing projects WILL be done by the end of June.

    The e-card is cute and humbling! I usually don’t take the time to browse through that section/board.

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