i know i said i’d be here more…and i hate it that i haven’t kept my word…

but i get distracted so easiLy…i am too busy noticing things Like the way the sun Looks when it’s coming through the window in my front room….

fooLing around with a new Lense….

taking baby beLLy pictures….aren’t they beautifuL??? so vintage and soft Looking….sigh. baby beLLies are so LoveLy….

finishing up some handmades…

the girL quiLt….

aLL done.

stitched up with Lots of Love…

and of course i can’t forget this guy….

my scrabbLe buddy.

he pretty much needs to be fed constantLy…

but he’s so entertaining…

and then he has these “requests”….as if i can “make” anything…

but i try anyway…

so i have not dropped off the pLanet friends…i am onLy caught up in the swirLing tornado that is MY Life…bLessed. crazy. sad. frustrating. funny. beautifuL and very distracting…(in a good way).


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4 thoughts on “*tsk*tsk*

  1. lovely pics! they have such a great tone to them x

  2. annita on said:

    I really enjoy your photography! And, I am always thrilled to see a new post by you pop up on my homepage! Life is complicated to put it simply… I find myself skimming over posts and not leaving comments nearly as often. If I had a blog of my own, it would have fizzled out by now! But, complicated can be good, yes? Peace, love, and prayers! +JMJ+

  3. good to see you! how do you have time, my friend? where do you find the time?

  4. Christine on said:

    Beautiful pictures! And quilt, and children, and homemade food and stuff….you are so cool~!

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