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busy hands and books



enjoyed reading.

on earth

sea clocks the story of longitude

there’s no place like space

fairyland in art and poetry

once upon a starry night


listening to.

the queen’s pirate and galileo and the stargazers

the song of the unicorn

discovering great artists

 the limbourg brothers


their own “book of days” with seasons. feasts and holy days.


i could sit and watch this kid all day. he is incredibly amusing.

overheard earlier: “i am gonna bust your chopsticks!” he called to one of the big brothers as he chased after them. on his scooter. in the house.

and these little fabric vowel cards were much fun to paint. i wish i had time to do the whole alphabet. they don’t get wrinkled or ruined. (i don’t consider grubby little hands a threat to these at all.)


i felt a little under the weather again. i’m probably just overtired. i picked up this book at the library today. some of it isn’t very interesting to me. other things are really important. especially the parts about having a code of conduct with regards to blogging. but you shouldn’t have to worry about that too much here. i always try to be on my best behaviour. and with regards to spreading misinformation, i never do it purposely.

hope your corner of the world is filled with books and busy hands too!

living dangerously






has it really been 5 days since i last posted?

there has just been too much going on around here.

first of all this book is great. and i am not even a boy. but when you have 3 of them you end up loving boy things no matter what. in fact i like it so much that i could really see using it as a textbook for the rest of the year.

i am happy to report that this nasty flu is packing its’ things. and we are sending it on its’ way. we thank it profusely for all the snuggling. and stories. but the past few days have been spent cleaning up after it. it is such a messy and inconsiderate houseguest. leaving dishes and laundry everywhere. the bathroom was in need of serious cleaning and then there was, of course, lessons. two of my students started their rosetta stone online courses today. i am hoping that their enthusiasm isn’t limited to the desire to communicate with italian supermodels at some point. that could be another boy thing.

do you see my our little sproutlings? this is my bend the rules garden. zinnias. and sunflowers. etc. i am crossing my fingers. but seriously. it is nearly 95 degrees here still. something has to grow. well, we’ll wait and see.


someone inspired me to draw a little bit. not that my silly little sketches hold a candle to hers. because not everyone can draw. but a girl can dream, right? so i took out my pencils and drew a few things i’d like to see growing in my yard. and i felt 10 again. i really like feeling 10. i told you i was living dangerously.


happy tuesday. or wednesday. when you’re 10 you don’t pay attention to what day it is!






hers and mine.

are you getting tired of post titles ending in -ness yet? i am, but my brain can’t seem to come up with anything else. have you seen the new geico commercial? it’s got my husband saying the bees knees for everything. it’s much cuter when the gecko says it. but that was so my line.

nothing terribly exciting going on here. lots of moving stuff about. switching beds and toys around. trying to get the littlest boy interested in sleeping in his own bed. i am ready. i think. and he thinks so too. when asked if he is going to sleep in his bed tonight, he said, “yes! but can you sleep up here with me too?”

maybe it’s not time.

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