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i think i can…

stay up till midnight ’cause my “body clock” says it’s really only 11 o’clock.

do you try to “cheat” daylight savings time like that too?

except it is catching up to me.

which is why those little foil packets in that picture below are quite often my best friends.

i think i could possibly rule the world if i drank italian roast coffee off and on all the day long.

or at the very least this small corner of the world.

sadly enough this dangerous behaviour is making me feel funny again.

some people. namely obsessive compulsive people such as myself. shouldn’t even be allowed to purchase coffee. it is a drug. and when it is put into the wrong cup the results can be devastating.

i am sleep deprived. out of whack. and this small little corner of the world doesn’t run smoothly that way. quality is suffering. and i am going to quit coffee. cold turkey. again.

i’ve stocked up on green tea. vitamins. sam-e. and a few other things that should help get me thru the day.

if you don’t suffer from this love/hate relationship with the bean, as my dad calls it, what do you do to “keep going and going and going….” because let’s face it. none of us are pink. furry and have the time to bang on a silly drum all day.

i do have the running in circles thing in common with that engergizer bunny though.

and maybe i’d even like some glasses like his… 

p.s. happy belated st. patty’s day. we did have a blast. hope you did too.

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