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plain jane and some other things

i am not a plain jane.

who was i kidding?

and so i could not keep that “theme” i had up for those few days.

i might be moping a little bit.

i don’t want to…so i will tell you about that yummy bean dip instead.

very easy peasy. layer some re-fried beans.(heated slightly). (i mashed canned organic pinto beans for a quick fix) top w/ cheese. add a layer of sour cream and guacamole (ours is just mashed avocados, lime juice, crushed red chile pepper, garlic (fresh and powder) purple diced onions and roma tomatoes). then top with salsa (or more sour cream and cheese) and even some yummy, colorful bell peppers.

and how we went to see the ballet folklorico on friday night.

and how we even re-scheduled that darn surgery to see said ballet.

it was so important to her.

and i just may be spoiling her a bit right now.

like by ordering her a whole bunch of new books from alibris and b-n.

which books?

the incorrigible children of ashton place book one (which she already devoured but i want to read it aloud to the baby and not be in a big hurry to take it back to the library) and book two.

two penderwick books

and two callahan cousins books.

am i bargaining with God?

as in:”look Lord, please keep her safe, she has a bunch of summer reading to do!”


pitiful of me, i know.

a very dear friend gave me a tight hug today when i expressed my crazy feelings.

 a dear priest friend annointed her with some holy oils and relic of the True Cross. (there IT is…so beautiful, huh?)

with saints and angels to pray for us….what more could we ask for?

i am so very thankful for the gift of our Catholic faith.

because faith is a gift.

a very special gift.

if you are a magnificat reader you remember these words from yesterday:

“it is the assurance of things not yet seen.” st. paul. hebrews 11:1

it is God saying:

come and follow ME into the darkness. I want to know you are ready to go into the things that you do not see yet, on faith alone.

a very important component of true love is: trust.

and i trust HIM.

with my life. with hers.

and with everyone and everything that i love.

because HE loved every bit of us first.


are good.

especially when they are with people you love!!!!!

and that pretty much explains my absence in this space.

the mama-child connection is something my children don’t seem to get enough of. regardless of age. in fact i think they need me more now than ever: with jobs and bank accounts come so many decisions and things to do!

then there are senior happenings with the biggest girl. she chose me to take her senior pics….and well, that means we were off finding fields of flowers to pose in….and then me wanting some sister shots…of sister kisses.

and faith connections…

did i mention that the baby made his First Holy Communion? on mother’s day.

that smile says it all, doesn’t it?

he has been waiting for Our Lord a long, long while.

and when it was over i breathed a big sigh of relief…took a few days off.

and here it is. already the end of another week.

and i realized that i so missed my connections here.

which have been difficult to maintain due to a nasty virus on my home computer.

making everything online just that much harder to accomplish.

i think i may’ve gotten lazy during lent.

when i stayed away to purge the noise. and the whispers of incompetence at all the ways in which my life is boring. mundane and ordinary.

no projects to shine forth…no garden glory. no books or knitting.

just  “glittering desolation from the starry pinnacle of the commonplace” to use some of dear chesterton’s words.

yes, that’s where i’ve been. at that place where busy-ness meets boring.

and i realized just how so this afternoon. as i lay on my bed. taking one. long. momentous. pause.

with the toilet running and 4 flies buzzing around the kitchen(no doubt invited in by someone leaving the door wide open!) and i thought selfishly to my selfish self: is this it?

that coupled with the fact that i had been NOT cooking a roast for 2 hours because the crock pot wasn’t PLUGGED in!!!  just might’ve been enough to send me over the edge of said starry pinnacle.

no connection there!

between crock pot and plug.

and yes, this is my life.

one mad adventure.

i am thinking too much….it happens when i read chesterton.

does he have that affect on you too?

i allowed myself some fun reading for easter and plowed my way through the man who was thursday.

i was deeply confused and disappointed with the ending. i felt very similar to the night i watched the LOST finale.

“you think too much, mom.” my girl told me.

“sometimes you need to just read.”


she’s only 11!!!

and already a sage!

happy reading friends!

if you made it to the end of this post then God love you!

i will be back. sooner than later.

that is if my pride will allow me to publish such utter nonsense twice in a row!


ps. i’ve got my paws on mere christianity now so watch out!

yarn along the second:cotton & love

joining ginny for her yarn-along:

the knitting…

a cotton dishcloth with a heart right in the center.

my parents celebrated their 35th wedding anniversary a few weeks ago and in the whirly-wind of holidays. emergencies and life i got behind with regards to finishing up a few things i was making for them (well, really for my mama).

she loves cotton dishcloths.

even though she can barely bring herself to wipe clean hands on them.

the book:

jacob have i loved.

i started it a few weeks ago.

and then a certain little girl stole it from me.

she thought i’d finished it-although i don’t know how-when no one reads as fast and as thoroughly as she does.

that same little girl almost spilled the beans on the ending.

so i guess i’d better get on with it.

can’t wait to see what everyone else is up to!

(ps. updated: i loved the ending! this was a sweet read. it did my heart a lot of good to finish this sweet story.)

yarn along::the first

first time joining the fun at ginny’s.

first hat. a santa hat. the free pattern is here.

first time in this this space in a while.

the books:

the voices of Christmas. we really like this one. each person tells their view of the Christmas story from their own perspective.

how many miles to bethlehem. aside from the fact that the Blessed Mother *gasp* has short hair and head uncovered. (which apparently matters to small Catholic children). this is a lovely read as well.

hark! a Christmas sampler. tommy de paola and jan yolen. need i say more?


happy knitting. happy reading. happy day 18. is it really almost Christmas?

my how time does fly.


first grade. math 6. pre-algebra. and algebra 2. oh. my.

the school bell.

it all begins here. with creation….

the reading room is de-cluttered.

the couches are comfy.

the books are as organized as books can be.

and i am feeling a bit nostalgic as we begin frog and toad again.

the year was 1998 when i started it with my oldest son.

that seems so long ago. 

i guess i’ve really just been floating ever since then….

glass half-full translation: smooth sailing.

not by my own hand though.

never by my own hand.

“let not the labors which thou hast undertaken for My sake crush thee, neither let tribulations, from whatever source, cast thee down; but in every occurrence let My promise strengthen and console thee. I am sufficient to recompense thee beyond all bounds and measure. it is not long thou hast to labor here, nor shalt thou always be oppressed with sorrows. wait a little, and thou shalt see a speedy end of suffering. the hour cometh when all labor and trouble shall be no more. all is little and short: labor faithfully in My vineyard: I will be thy reward.”

~III. 47. from the Imitation of Christ

ps. btw. thank you for all of your kind words.

a kindergarten diploma

the homeschool way.

mama made. bound. and delivered.

washable. re-usable.

can be used alone.

or shared with others.

but best of all it will always evoke love.

for letters. learning. reading. and sharing.

like beaches


only not sad.

yes. this pen pal thing is quite sweet. i so enjoy the banter between these 2 little girls.

neither of them have a sister. so this could be a very rewarding experience!

on a different note:

i just picked this up from the library and my mouth is watering on every. single. page.

i have a feeling i’ll be in the kitchen more than i intended these next few days….

happy weekending friends!

you can put your white shoes on this weekend! hooray!

grace notes


happenings. God making music with our lives. attracting our attention. we’re not meant to linger on them. but grace notes make the music richer. they let us know Somebody is there.

~the excerpt above is from chosen. it’s where i’ve got my nose every free chance i can get. sending chills up and down my spine. bringing tears to my eyes. making my heart sing that I. AM. A. CATHOLIC. making me curious about the faith. the apostles. the REAL PRESENCE of Jesus in the EUCHARIST.

the thesis of the book is simply this: Christ, not man converts, and while His shepherds may flee, He stays, drawing until the end of time the lost and weary to life upon the unbreakable rock of HIS Church.

i am often lost and weary myself.

conversion is a  lifelong process.

and frankly it feels so good to be a part of something  as big. ancient. solid. and outside of the constraints of time. as the Church.

happy weekending friends! hope you are finding lots of little grace notes in your own lives.

i’ve missed this place. but absence makes the heart grow fonder, does it not?


spring-ing ahead

this time change has me out of sorts. it always does for the first month. or so. but the lovely burst of warm weather we are having is making the transition a little easier.

moving books and students outside this afternoon to tackle long division and copywork with the sun shining on our faces made the grueling task a bit easier.

there were still some tears. because of the long division. but for some reason doing work outside with our sweet garden flowers smiling at us and hearing the birds singing their spring serenade makes all the other stuff seem not so bad.

even the weeds were pretty.

sounds idyllic, huh? well, humor me, would ya?

our census packets came today. i am planning a unit study on this subject.

here are just a few things we are reading:

a spotlight for harry 

spellbinder the life of harry houdini

edward lear’s the scroobious pip 

whiskers and rhymes

peter and the wolf

and tico and the golden wings .

leo lionni is quickly becoming one of our all time favorite authors. we love. love. love his artwork and his stories. he is up there with eric carle and tomie de paola.

speaking of love. i am loving embroidery these days. knitting stitches are so hard for me to keep track of right now. i thought that somehow baseball season would afford some quality chair sitting. knitting time. but that is just not happening. so instead of being a poor sport i am venturing out with my scary lump of embroidery thread. i think i’ve shown it to you before. it’s so big it is impossible to lose track of it. i say it like it is an entity. and really it is!

my girl requested a custom embroidery piece. a cute little hoop with a certain bird. music notes and flowers. and i, being the attentive mother, obliged.

i obliged mostly because one day i noticed that the doll cradle was no longer being played with. it was upstairs in a pile of “things to be put away”. i felt a lump in my throat because i had meant to paint it but never got around to it. and that made me really sad so i am trying not to let that happen again.

the time wherein your children specifically request certain things from you doesn’t last long. and i hate having regrets.

are there specific things you regret with regards to your kids? things you’ve left undone?

come on. make me feel better….

evening lingerings

“as he hurried along, the mole saw clearly he was an animal of field and hedgerow, the ploughed furrow, the frequented pasture, the lane of evening lingerings, the cultivated garden plot.” ~from the riverbank and other stories from the wind and the willows

i have to agree with mole. i, too, am an animal of the cultivated garden plot.

at least that is what i decided during my own evening lingerings.

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