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that what started out as just a little photo op….

slowly became very friendly and intimate…

a very ordinary moment turns extraordinary

after all…how often does one get to share something so wonderful…

as butterfly kisses…literally.

write on

i have started and stopped this post at least four times in the last couple of weeks.

the title was all wrong and for me when the title is all wrong, well, then the whole post is off…

so what does a lazy perfectionist do in a situation like this?

she. they don’t write anything. that’s what.

and then she they can’t sleep really well for many nights because there are all of these unwritten thoughts swirling around in the head of said lazy perfectionist.

which is not me of course.

wink. wink.

so. as i make this last-ditch. late nite effort to “write on”: what do i want to tell this space?

:: that the baby is reading green eggs and ham. yup. all 63 pages of it. over and over again. almost ad nauseum. and i wouldn’t say that if i weren’t just so darned happy that he is actually reading!

::that the quiet, pensive middle boy turned 14. big sigh. i told him that he couldn’t do that to me. but that’s a whole ‘nother post! because everything isn’t about me. (except, well, maybe here it is!)

::that the daddy had a birthday. 36. but he is a lot like peter pan…so…need i say more? ahem.

::that the biggest boy got his driver’s license. (it came in the mail today and i wanted to send it back). “that is someone else’s grown child!!” i wanted to scream at the postman. (i didn’t of course). what would the neighbors think anyway? we are already weird ’cause we homeschool.

::that the little girl got her stitches out today. and how we are finally done with that blasted needle…and we are really careful now about needles and other sharp things and where we stick them. etc. etc.

::that the biggest girl moved out and turns 18 in 2 weeks. that she sends me snail mail and it makes me cry.

::that i like to whistle the 1812 overture sometimes and the little girl whistles along with me!!! (can you just hear us?)

::that i am thinking a lot about school. lesson plans. earlier bedtimes. and winding down….

:: that i am thinking about the enormous task of homeschooling a child who asks me things like: “mom, would you rather die by burning hot volcanic lava or freeze to death?”

the jury is still out on that one.

i wasn’t quite able to decide…



yep. that’s my baby.

the farthest one…

so big and tall.

and bald.

looking so grown up.

gone for 5 days at a training academy. putting out hazardous materials fires. climbing down four-story high buildings. trying to decide just what he wants to do with this one life that God has given him.

this is serious stuff.

it’s the stuff that dreams are made of.

proof that homeschooling kids aren’t un-socialized. un-successful. societal outcasts.

while he was away i received a certificate in the mail stating that he had passed his high school exit exam.

with honors in mathematics.

boy was i proud.

proud of him and proud that finally some fruits of this long. laborious. journey are showing forth.

he was trouble.

and while i knew that this business of growing men doesn’t happen gently:

sometimes i think my husband is too tough. and i am too soft.

so i enlisted the help of another mother.

one who knows all too well the pain of watching a Firstborn Son treading along the path to manhood.

the Ultimate Manhood.

beneath the weight of a cross. bloodied. beaten and bruised.

this is serious stuff.

this martyrdom of mothers and sons.

and people striving to be who they were created to be.

it is not something to be taken lightly.

and the older i get i cannot help but stand in awe at the God Who deemed me worthy to lead souls to Him.

the souls of my children. and husband.

what an honor.

do i measure up?


do i cringe under the weight of this immense cross?

this immense burden?

of course i do.

but i wouldn’t have it any other way.

this is what i was created to do.

the martyrdom of motherhood.

dying to myself to do that which God has pre-ordained.

vocation and dedication all wrapped up in a gift.

tied with love and sealed with a kiss.

it’s what Christmas is really all about ya know.

The Firstborn…not mine. but hers.

but in a way, yes, mine.

and yours too.

all of us.

His children.

not worthy of the Real Gift.

but nevertheless He gives.

happy weekending, friends.

hope you are truly enjoying ALL of the things He gives.

the here. the now.



it all happens so fast. the morning rush. breakfast. dishes cluttering a clean sink. kids in and out. up and down. noise. laughter. sunlight. papers scattered everywhere. skateboards. shoes by the stairs.

a daddy long legs spider in someone’s bath towel. which becomes drama enough that he wants you to be in the bathroom with him while he bathes. just in case the spider crawls into said bath with him.

he’s no sooner out of the water and he wants to make a volcano.

but she needs her hair braided.

and then the big boys are making plans to go to boxing tonite.

but i had dinner plans with my mom.

my sister-in-law calls. she wants to go to dinner too.

two invitations for one night?

and i can’t do either.

because there is just too much to be done.

and all i really want to do is: sit in my favorite chair. enjoy my fruit salad. do a little embroidery. watch the little people play catch. and wait for my daffodil to bloom.

waiting for your first daffodil to bloom is a lot like waiting for a baby to be born. you know something beautiful is so close. but it’s just not quite ready yet.

we are such impatient creatures.

and life really is so beautiful. here. and now.


happy week-ending, friends. enjoy your here. and now.

hello december

you are a cold. dark. month. but your flickering advent candles. twinkling lights. flannel sheets. and down comforters are just a few of your redeeming qualities. this morning i thought you had deceived me after that squabble with a grumpy teen. the spilled milk incident at the breakfast table and all those piles of leaves and laundry. you won me over again  with more bulbs to plant. crisp. smoky air as we did school outside this afternoon. and for just a few hours i was distracted by naughty, laughing faces. shells and sand that i keep finding tucked away everywhere. double-pointed knitting needles and luscious brown wool yarn. for just a few hours that big cold house with its’ dirty floors and the fact that i was out of peat moss were the last things on my mind. a couple of deep breaths and i realized there wasn’t anything too wrong. nothing that a good cup of tea couldn’t cure…but i’m not done with you yet december. we’ve only just begun. now: God grant me the grace not to be disappointed in you……

pleasantly aloof

to virtual things right now.

pleasantly entranced by the living. breathing. awe-inspiring. touchable. kissable things of my very real life.

the weather is so fickle these days. one minute we have cold noses and layers of clothes and blankets. the next we are outside flirting with the sprouts in the garden. sweet peas by the dozens. zinnias and sunflowers. will they flower? who knows. we just love watching anything we’ve planted grow! we just as easily become distracted by interesting albeit dead leaves that have fallen to the ground as we do the sprouts. i’m telling you that afternoon sunlight has a way of transforming everything it touches. it is almost bewitching.

lost in yarn the same colors that draw me outside i am ridiculously working on a pair of knitted handwarmers. really they are a big fat joke just waiting for me to put them out of their misery and unravel each and every stitch. my husband politely noted yesterday that he always sees me knitting but i never make anything. i remained tight-lipped about all the progress i’ve made. about how i can now recognize knits and purls just by looking at them. and i know how to knit 2 together. increase and decrease. giant leaps for someone who only ever dreamed of even being able to hold 2 needles at the same time.

i had a funny experience with circular needles this weekend. let’s just say i’ve put them away for a while. we’re both better off. 

i have been wading through biology curriculum for my high-schooler. trying to figure out what is overkill and what is necessary. making jello cells and pretty notebook pages seem sufficient to me. but what do i know? i feel like someone should come up with a living high school curriculum. just the same way we do with the little ones. why do we “throw” all that goodness out the window when the kids get a little bigger?

tonight i went shopping for all the things i need for my mama’s birthday dinner. i will be fixing it for her tomorrow. it was just me and my girl and together we perused the aisles of the store. talking to each other in fake english accents. laughing at the silliest of things.

we’ve been having a sleepytime tea with stories a few times a week. just me and the two little ones. they get in their jammies and robes and we sweetly sip our tea out of pretty cups while i read. it is a rather relaxing little ritual and i can see it becoming something we’ll remember forever.

anyhow, i hope you too are taking some time to be pleasantly aloof of all things virtual and experiencing things that you and your children will remember forever….these are such precious. precious days. hours. minutes. but who’s counting? certainly not me…. 


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