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i want to be miss stacey

the other day my girl was watching anne of green gables for the umpteenth time and the part came on about anne and diana’s school days-after the raspberry cordial incident where they aren’t “allowed” to be “friends” anymore-they longingly look at each other-and then there is a brief moment where the kids are in the woods-looking at ferns-sketching-and doing stretches/exercises and i had this strange longing to be like miss stacey. so sweet and cheerful. all of my students dressed in darling knitted sweaters and crisp pinafores….

sigh. a girl can dream, can’t she?

it has been pure chaos trying to get back into the swing of things and with Christmas break right around the corner i am so tempted to give up. but it’s not so easy with geometry and biology. those kinds of subjects don’t take kindly to being cast aside for too long.

to ease the pain a bit we’ve been doing more “girl school”. i could teach a million girls like mine. she is so easy-going. bright. and excited about learning. she has learned to crochet. wash cloths for everyone we know are high on her list of priorities. she was beaming yesterday as she finished her first one. oh, and we are thoroughly enjoying reading sense and sensibility together. with no cheating. meaning neither of us gets to read ahead when the other isn’t looking.

as for the boys are just bums. smart. lazy. bums.

and the only thing i have going for me is the new xbox. christmas came early for them and i am ok with it because then the focus will be more where it should be. and besides, it is great leverage. i am amazed at the speed with which chores are getting done. and done correctly. it’s so different when they are wasting their own precious time….

party animals

my girl went to a pajama party last weekend. so of course she needed some new pajamas. and then rebecca “needed” some to coordinate. and THEN she wanted a sleeping bag too. geesh. i really hated to neglect all my housework to accomodate these party animals….


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