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number one

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You are like me, I think. I like to believe that my blog is something I do just for myself and my distant friends and family, but yeah, I notice the stats, and comments make me happy, and being ignored does not. Having a blog is an ongoing spiritual battle for me. I know God would likely prefer my obscurity and humility, but I just can’t quit!

Lovely bag…and I know your taste in goodies. Keeping my fingers crossed!

dear friend, i guess this proves that it doesn’t hurt to keep your fingers crossed!

you were number one after kim…

i already have your address, so i’ll be sending this out to you this week!

thank you all for playing along.

and just for the record…i don’t blog to get stats…like i said…i just noticed a decline and thought this would spice things up a bit around here…

i honestly think that this little community… the Catholic mama bloggers…is akin to a slice of heaven….

happy monday, friends!

if you need me, i’ll have my nose in a tangle of textbooks…


hitting publish

i do wish i was a more spontaneous blogger. i wish posts didn’t float around inside my head all. week.long…. sometimes making it as far as my journal…or a scrap envelope deep in the dark recesses of my purse….never to see the light of day here….but i am rather self-conscious.

and i don’t want to waste your time…you’ve got things to do…places to go and people to love.

and so do i!

but i noticed i lost some readership last week.

i rarely pay attention to stats. but it was noticeable.

maybe too much talk about God and tragedies makes people go away.

it scares them.

and i understand because it scares me too.

so to boost my popularity  show y’all that i am not afraid to have some fun, i am going to do a little give away.

see this lovely bag? i bought one for myself and i thought….”self, this would the perfect thing to give away (filled with a few sweet/surprise goodies btw) for valentine’s day.”

just leave a comment in this post sometime between now and sunday. i will pick a random winner and announce it monday.

i am signing off now as there has been one heck of a mini civil war here as we try to get back into a semi-normal school routine.

there just might be a secession…and it makes me tired.

they feel like it is an injustice that i ordered a whole slew of textbooks and am actually making them do work.

i feel like a charlotte mason drop out as it goes completely against my nature to resort to textbooks

but desperate times call for desperate measures.

for today the three teenagers sitting at the table with books, papers and half-finished plates of spaghetti eerily reminded me of a scene from the breakfast club.


not my idea at all of the happy. holy. homeschoolers we once were.

happy weekending, friends!

wishing you HIS peace.

ps. this give-away-offer is not good for members of my same household. you know who you are. and you may not enter to win. i say that with all my love.

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