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day 10 and i’m “it”

3 down. 1 to go. it looks as if my girl is going to be the last one to say good-bye to this illness. poor thing sounds like a frog when she talks. a quick library run by me this afternoon made her face lit up when she saw the stacks and stacks of good reads i brought home.

you know all those little projects we’ve been doing have only been possible because they are taking the place of formal school. and because for some reason i didn’t get as sick as the kids. i hope i don’t get deathly ill once everyone is better. that would be just my luck.

i am wondering about a field trip scheduled for tomorrow. still debating whether we should go or not. i may end up staying home and letting my husband just take the boys. i feel so bad because they’ve been stuck at home for so many days now. you know it’s bad when you are letting your kids do things like ride scooters in the house.

well, sweet christine who is just as darling as can be has tagged me for this meme, so here goes…

Six names you go by:
mom. mama. regina. precious dove from heaven (don’t laugh. my husband calls me that). monkey. and ruby begonia. both childhood names. can you tell?

Three things you are wearing: a t-shirt. a pullover. and a crocheted shawl i bought at a thrift store.

Three things you want very badly right now: for an elf to sew the kids’ halloween costumes. without any mistakes. for my girl to get better. and a million bucks. no, better yet 100 million so i could share it with you all.

Three things you did last night/yesterday: read some of the nuts and bolts about knitting. trying to figure out increases and decreases. made turkey burger tacos. washed every single dirty dish in my kitchen.

Two things you ate today: chocolate covered coffee beans. chicken-rice-creamy cilantro and cheese.

Two people you last talked to on the phone: my mom and my EF.

Two things you are going to do tomorrow: clean the bathrooms and carve pumpkins.

Your three favorite beverages: triple shot espresso with breve cream. green tea with vanilla soymilk. earl grey tea with half and half and a pinch of sugar.

now if you can hardly contain yourself because i am  just  so darn exciting and you want to play along too….then consider yourself tagged! just leave me a comment so i can read. i don’t always participate in memes, but this one seemed harmless enough. although i felt sort of like i was baring my soul with the childhood nicknames thing.

setbacks and bright sides





still under the weather here. the two little ones had a minor setback. early wednesday morning was met with a lot of coughing and fevers again. this is day #9. and i am tired. it is chilly and windy outside. which doesn’t help. my hands smell like garlic and vicks.

the bright side to all this: shadow puppet shows, jack-o-lantern lights, spooky icecubes, bat cut outs and funny sandwiches made with cookie cutters. if i didn’t know better i’d think we just might really be having a grand time with this visiting flu. perhaps that’s why it doesn’t want to leave us. 

or maybe it’s just all that vicks i’ve been sniffing.



halloween and saint’s day costumes aren’t even close to finished. but i am wondering if they’ll even be well enough to go anywhere. we are expecting sunny weather this weekend saturday. so that is yet another point for the bright side.

so if there’s all that brightness what am i griping about, right? it doesn’t really matter that i haven’t been able to start my sit ups regimen. or bake that apple pie i’ve been dying to make. (and not necessarily in that order.)

so i’ll be going now. i am being summonedsomeonesomewhere needs something.

hope you are able and willing to find at least a few bright sides amidst any setbacks you might be experiencing too!

where the sick things are

they are here. and i am one of them. so in the spirit of making the best of a bad situation i started this:


a perfectly imperfect monster softie for a little boy who had us all very worried with  a terrible fever. unfortunately middle son had it the longest. 5 whole days and the cough isn’t even completely gone.

we are experiencing it all. fever. chills. coughs. sore throats. body aches. watery eyes. throwing up. etc. and the nice thing is that everyone doesn’t get it at the same time. instead it creeps slowly into every day. making me (us) feel like …will. it. ever. end?

 tomorrow will mark our second week of being hosts to this nasty virus. hopefully we’ve seen the worst of it. especially since no one is getting that awful H1N1 shot. i’ve made up my mind.

i am running out of things to do with the younger sick kids. my throat hurts too much to read aloud. i guess we’ll stick with stories on cd and activity books for now. as for me i don’t care much for t.v.and besides our eyeballs hurt so bad that they feel like they’re going to fall out. (note: this has not stopped the bigger boys.)

well, if you’ll excuse me i am going back to my bed. a stack of pillows, a cool quilt and a book on the art of the renaissance  awaits me. and i’ll be shutting my door so i can’t see the dirty dishes multiplying. or the piles of barfed upon laundry.

my husband is really trying to help. but his way of helping is by building a rocket-from a kit-with the children who aren’t too sick. and we won’t discuss the kind of mess that is making on the kitchen table right now. glue. paint. scissors. you name it. why he didn’t just go for the ready-made one will forever remain a mystery to me because i am not even in the mood to ask.

ps. i want to to formally apologize for a few errors in this space lately. i don’t know what is with me. i spelled earl grey incorrectly. i didn’t even really notice until i picked up another box the other day at the store. forgive me that i didn’t rush home and fix it.

and then a reader kindly pointed out that robert frost, not robert louis stevenson wrote o hushed october morning mild……and i did know that. but for some reason my fingers didn’t and so they went and typed the wrong thing! for crying out loud i was reading it out of a book with big huge green letters on the cover that said ROBERT FROST.

so just know, my dear readers, don’t always trust me. and feel free to point out any misinformation that i might be spreading!

one last thought:  bloggers really should have editors!





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