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what would superwoman do?




the pictures:

some new-to-me thrifted glasses. 5 english stoneware mugs and 2 little jars.

faux fall fairy foliage. say that fast. 5 times.

a home-made astrolabe. just like amerigo vespucci. or not. we think his was much nicer.

the dilemma:

do you ever feel like at home science experiments are just humongous failures? like your kids do them and go, “oh. that was it?” and then you want to hide somewhere and cry because you went to three stores to make sure you had everything you needed to do this list of carefully prepared experiments. and come to find out you missed 2 things. or is it just me?


my head is spinning with science information. constellations. perseus. nebulae. and that’s not even biology….

sometimes, at the end of the day i feel like that dinosaur on meet the robinsons and i say to myself….”i just don’t know how well this plan was thought out…”

how much of what we are doing is overkill? do we really need well-trained minds?


needless to say my house is not clean anymore. it is, after all, monday. and good school days are usually horrible chore days.

somehow i wish i could learn to do it all. and keep things perfectly orchestrated. all. the. time.

more nonsense:

i think i am going to dress up as superwoman for halloween and keep the costume on forever. maybe that’s all i need.

i really want to be superwoman.


 that crafty-ness bug is gone too. my hands and wrists are hurting.

the weather was cooler today. a nice change from the high 80’s and 90’s we had this weekend.

sunday morning my husband caught the falcon taunting the chickens. he was on top of the rabbit cage playing a sort of “peek-a-boo” with them. (the falcon, not my husband.) probably not the friendly sort of peek-a-boo we all know and love. but i think we’ve already established that his visits aren’t ever friendly. and he’s really not even that big. i wonder if he once belonged to someone and got out.

another dilemma:

oh, and tonite the baby is sleeping in his own bed. he fell asleep in about 5 minutes flat after the little mother read him 2 short stories. and piled 4 blankets on top of him. now i am debating whether i should sleep on the floor next to his bed or not…i wonder what superwoman would do?

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