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in my grandmother’s garden there are: the sweetest berries. the juciest watermelons. the pinkest hollyhocks. and the bluest skies.

my only contribution: the darling little boy with a big appetite. curious hands and taste-buds. a missing tooth and a bit of a lisp.

that seems to be the only thing i am capable of growing these days!






hers and mine.

are you getting tired of post titles ending in -ness yet? i am, but my brain can’t seem to┬ácome up with anything else. have you seen the new geico commercial? it’s got my husband saying the bees knees for everything. it’s much cuter when the gecko says it. but that was so my┬áline.

nothing terribly exciting going on here. lots of moving stuff about. switching beds and toys around. trying to get the littlest boy interested in sleeping in his own bed. i am ready. i think. and he thinks so too. when asked if he is going to sleep in his bed tonight, he said, “yes! but can you sleep up here with me too?”

maybe it’s not time.

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