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making spirits bright

sprinkles of sugar and cinnamon on bunelos. tiny marshmallows in warm. soothing drinks. chocolate dove snowflakes. twinkling lights. a little bit of sewing & crafting. a rainstorm. rainboots and umbrellas. red and green rugs to keep the mud at bay. a kitty who likes to sit in my lap when i am on the computer….a first hat completed….even with the gauge a bit off on the brim….oh, yes, i am feeling the Christmas spirit tonite. God is good and all is well on this fourth sunday of advent.

so tell me…what’s making your spirits bright?


“Theologians distinguish between perfectio sustanstialis in the soul and perfectio simpliciter. They tell us that where there is no mortal sin, there is substantial perfection: there are grounds for a further perfection, and the soul is at least perfectly alive.

The other kind of perfection, considered simply as sanctity, is the plentitude to which earnest souls feel called to aspire. The Holy Eucharist ministers to each of these perfections: in the first instance, the soul is actively helped to keep itself in a state of grace; in the second, its horizons of love are enlarged.

If love is the “bond of perfection” and the Holy Eucharist is the sacrament of love, then Holy Communion not only draws together outward behaviour and inward motive but also raises perfectio substantialis toward perfectio simpliciter.”

Grace alone can bring God’s mysteries nearer to me, and until it explains God’s ways to me, my vision, even aided by the truths of revelation and the theology of the Church, is wretchedly incomplete.”

~Dom Hubert van Zeller






hers and mine.

are you getting tired of post titles ending in -ness yet? i am, but my brain can’t seem to come up with anything else. have you seen the new geico commercial? it’s got my husband saying the bees knees for everything. it’s much cuter when the gecko says it. but that was so my line.

nothing terribly exciting going on here. lots of moving stuff about. switching beds and toys around. trying to get the littlest boy interested in sleeping in his own bed. i am ready. i think. and he thinks so too. when asked if he is going to sleep in his bed tonight, he said, “yes! but can you sleep up here with me too?”

maybe it’s not time.

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