i will




post those recipes. i promise. some are from my collection that i often tear out of magazines and file away for the times when i am in a cooking rut. i  tweak them a little bit so that everyone will eat what is made. i found another one today for chocolate pumpkin spice bread. doesn’t that sound interesting? that is a combination i’d never thought of .

summer is still flirting with us. taunting us with farmers markets and such. a little bit of thrifting with the little ones was on the agenda today and we came home tired and hot. it has been in the high 90’s again.

my heart says enjoy it while it lasts. my head, on the other hand says keep moving with the “schedule” we’ve got going or we’ll get behind. it is awfully tempting to take days off to go and do.

but it is getting darker earlier. and my night owl habits are fading fast. my autumnal body-clock says bedtime at 9 o’clock. but then sometimes i wake up at 1 or 2 a.m. for a little reading. the confessions have me mesmerized. i highly recommend it to anyone who has never read it before. the translation i have is excellent.

well, that’s it for this saturday evening post. i want to enjoy the last little bit of daylight outside. dreaming of my fall garden. and thinking about where the spring bulbs should go…..

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4 thoughts on “i will

  1. LOVE the gloves for the cold drink!!
    I got something very lovely in the post today!! Merci beaucoup, you darling girl, you!!!!!! A note is in the post to you.

    Teenie was all over the stuff like Hershey’s on vanilla ice cream. 🙂

    I finished the cross stitch bookmark for Crickles. I’ll post it on Monday . . . I was so GLAD to get it done. Ugh. Now I’m stitching another thing that should be framed in an 8×10 when it’s done, but should be easy ‘cos it’s a Disney design. I hate to admit this, but my sister bought it for me eons ago for when my oldest had a Mickey themed room – oh, when he was in a CRIB!!!!!!!!! Oy vey!

  2. I have a recipe on my food blog for a Chocolate Pumpkin Cake — it is a wonderful combination! Time for Pumpkin Spice Coffee, too!

  3. Chocolate chip pumpkin bread is one of my favorite quick breads … yum! BTW, I received my package yesterday!!!! I love the lace and now just have to think of a project to use it in. I loved your pillowcases. Thanks for the little extra, too.

  4. Hello old friend, It was a pleasant surprise to know you’re a fellow blogger. Enjoyed your blog very much and will be back for more after homeschooling today. TTYL!

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