monday book

there is never anything very calm and sweet about my mondays. they tend to come rushing at me like a gust of strong wind. paperwork. bills. de-cluttering. mountains of laundry (i thought i had caught up?) what happens to this house during the weekend?

listening to: a little girl passionately reciting the gettysburg address while she draws a bath for her brother. the sound of bath water running. the clickety-clack of computer keys.

thinking about: ember days this week. and how beautiful our faith is. menu planning. and how i really want to make some red potatoes with roasted peppers and zuchini. doesn’t that sound like a yummy side dish.

weekend images:

girls in blue dresses.

wild. weedy daisies.

fresh flowers.

newly acquired heirloom silver that belonged to my great-grandmother.

a lovey snapshot from a saturday date i had with my husband. this ginormous statue is right by the u.s.s. midway which is located in san diego harbor. which is where we spent the afternoon. just the two of us. strolling around like lovebirds while my parents kept all of the children. we all need days like that, don’t we?

this is going to be a very busy week. baseball season starts on saturday for the little people and of course they need new gear. music lessons. stations of the cross on friday. i have a stack of papers to grade….all that makes me tired just thinking about it….

happy tuesday friends! what’s going on in your corner of the world?

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5 thoughts on “monday book

  1. why are the statue’s legs so skinny? you actually grade your kids work? overachiever!!

  2. Daisies! Oh, is spring really nearly here?

    Re: grading papers. I was getting snowed under with grading. Now I let the kids Una grade her own, except for the tests. I’ve even started letting Sebastian do his own math sheets as well…this really helps!

  3. I also noticed the skinny legs. NOT REAL! My legs are pretty beefy right now thanks to baby…but I love her so.

    sounds like a fun busy life you have…do not trade it for anything!

    Great photos!

  4. Beautiful pictures… I love the first one. My 11-year-old daughter is doing a unit study (along with her regular school work) on photography as she loves taking pictures. I enjoy the ones you take!

  5. Gosh, I love those photos, beautiful!!!

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