standing by and other mama verbs

standing by to watch and count all of the missed catches.

stopping long enough to embroider some flossie doodles.

enjoying some orange marmalade from a friend.

wanting to selfishly stay up late to knit. sew. read. pray. blog. anything. but selflessly going to bed earlier to be better and brighter for them in the morning.

trying to keep the kitchen clean after all meals. (this is a tough one).

taking the time to really look at the pretty colors of the wings of a plastic parrot when they are being shown to me by the littlest hands in my life.

marvelling at that wonderful. purple grape hyacinth. i am loving the magic of bulbs. such a slow hobby. requiring a lot of patience. but the results are so delightful!

thinking about our st. joseph altars. i need a bigger statue. one that doesn’t have such a disfigured face. poor st. joseph.

wishing you all a lovely weekend. and hoping that at least some of your mama verbs are beautiful ones.

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3 thoughts on “standing by and other mama verbs

  1. prayer4thejourney on said:

    You can find me here, Regan. Blogger shut me out of my blogs for reasons I can’t figure out. So, I went rogue on them. Love ya, girl. Your pics are as lovely as ever – and your words so sweet!

  2. Clean kitchens…sigh…every mothers dream.

    Beautiful post!

  3. the rest of the house is usually a disaster, but i am pretty good at keeping the kitchen clean, not sure why.
    love the glove picture

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