like beaches


only not sad.

yes. this pen pal thing is quite sweet. i so enjoy the banter between these 2 little girls.

neither of them have a sister. so this could be a very rewarding experience!

on a different note:

i just picked this up from the library and my mouth is watering on every. single. page.

i have a feeling i’ll be in the kitchen more than i intended these next few days….

happy weekending friends!

you can put your white shoes on this weekend! hooray!

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2 thoughts on “like beaches

  1. I read Christine’s blog, and now I’ve put the two together. That is so fun!

  2. okay, i’ll have to get that book out and really read it with my daughter. is it slow, or is it just me? we started it wayyyy back in arkansas…sadly,

    i’m having almost as much fun as they are! i love the excitement of a. NEW! LETTER!

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