making light

delicious drinks. serious swimming. and leisurely sewing.

scrumptiously cool mornings and evenings are making us wonder: is this really july? since when does july bring breezes just chilly enough to necessitate the use of quilts?

the answer: maybe not ever. but i am not going to complain. because it is fantastic!

we have a kingdom of bees living in our upstairs-there is actually honey dripping from the rafters. it has been going on for quite some time. just wasn’t sure what was going to happen. but apparently there is ALOT of honey comb, etc. and so they are going to have to rip open the walls, etc. etc.

i don’t know what my 6 yo. will do when he can’t lick honey from the windowsills any more. this may sound disgusting. but if you knew how sweet raw. natural honey tasted you’d totally do the same thing.

the boys have been going to work with my husband a lot lately. one of the nicer things resulting in his being laid off is that we do have our own small. very. small business to fall back on and it is an excellent learning opportunity for the boys. they not only earn some money for themselves but this allows them to discern whether or not they want to apply a little more effort to their studies.

my grandmama, my dad’s mom, has some cancerous lumps in her breast again and so we will be heading up north to visit her in the next few days. this woman has fought cancer off and on for many years. she lost her husband, my grandfather, when i was 8. and then 8 years later, her youngest daughter, my aunt. both of them died due to complications from brain tumors.

my point in sharing this here:

life is short, friends. and though not always sweet. there is much sweetness.

we follow a Body Whose Head wore a crown of thorns.

and there is a sacredness in pain and suffering.

when it is submitted into HIS pain and suffering.

not even a hair on our heads is harmed without God’s permission. and minute by minute. week by week. day by day, HE controls the scenario of the centuries. and the years.

and even the minutest details of our days.

so let us remember:

“not for thee and thine to go in fear, dismayed like these others, enthrone the Lord of Hosts above all else, HIM you must fear, of HIM stand in awe. LET THE HOUR OF PERIL CONSECRATE YOU TO HIM.” ~is. 8:6-8

therein lies the “prescripition” for the myriad of things that can and do go wrong.

the peril is very real. but of which we should have no fear.

so consecrate yourself. and the ones you love to HIM.


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5 thoughts on “making light

  1. I am trying to let go of all anxiety and trust that what must get done will get done, and just enjoy life a bit more, but my stress level is through the roof right now. So much going on, so much that I need to do in preparation for the coming school year. And my nature is rebelling–against schedules and budgets and pre-algebra…

    Your words and images are so quiet and peaceful…a little oasis in my crazy day…

  2. annita on said:

    Hi Regan, I have not commented in some time (I think), but as I was reading, I thought I would like to comment on how I enjoy your writing “style”, and then I read on… My father passed away very unexpectedly last Thursday… still young (70… looked like 60 easily), healthy, no underlying medical conditions, very active. The conclusion is that it was heat-related (it has been awful here in NC) because he had been working outside vigorously in the heat and had dehydrated. ANYHOW, life is unpredictable and unexpected. I am having a terrible time allowing myself to grieve… to cry. I just cannot seem to let go. Please tell your family and friends you love them… hug them tight! God bless +JMJ+

  3. Chrisitne on said:

    I totally agree with you regan…we need to hold tight to all the Good Lord has given us.

    I also think it is ok to say something is horrible. Something is so so sad. Something is just wrong. If I lost one of my kids or husband or loved one….I would be so so sad. God knows this and understands. I would not just put up a stiff upper lip and say…Gods will. Say…offer this up. I would be sad. I would mourn. Our Lady did…I am sure of it when she saw those crowns. I would be one of those weeping women. Everyone is so different because of the way they were raised or even their level of faith. I would cry. I cry for others who suffer. It would be so hard for me to let go. I know my children belong to God. I know they are a gift…but man oh man…my heart would break into a zillion little itty bitty dots if I lost them.

    I love the way your heart speaks to us through this blog.

    love lub lub lub ya regan!!!!

  4. Dearest Regan, You capture life—all of it—so well in your photos and words. The sweet mixed in with the sad. All part of life. All real. All necessary. If we are going to carry our own crosses and walk with HIM to Heaven. I will pray for your grandmama and your entire family at this time … I got your letter. And am so enjoying it. Thank you for your words and ideas. I am enjoying the rediscovery of letter writing, an art form that we just don’t practice often enough these days. God bless you, friend! {Hugs!}

  5. i’ll say a prayer for your grandma, and you and the rest of your family.

    i love seeing your “little one” in that pool! do you believe my neighbor had the audacity to tell me my kids were too big for our kiddy pool? they spend hours in it just fine thankyouverymuch.

    and that doll! how precious. LOVE those embroidered eyes. you never cease to amaze me.

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