the swing of things

funny we should end our first week of school in the same place we started.

only this time we brought friends.

and shared some of our favorite things with them.

and they shared some of their favorite things with us.

there was lots of good food and music.

but just when we were really getting into the swing of things. it was time to come home.

sometimes it is hard to bring yourself back from moments like these.

to face real life.

the dishes. the laundry. the schoolwork.

the repetition. the monotony.

it can be such a pain.

especially with all of the stuff we’ve got going on ’round here lately.


“when the Divine LIFE came to this earth, He reechoed the lessons of the Thrill of Monotony. St. Peter asked how many times we should forgive. Peter thought seven times was enough. Our Lord said, “seventy times seven”. there were three sweet monotonies in His Life-thirty years obeying, three years teaching, three hours Redeeming. He passed on to us the thrill of being born again, which was made a condition for entering into the Kingdom of Heaven.

because God is full of life i imagine each morning Almighty God says to the sun, “do it again”; and every evening to the moon and the stars, “do it again”; and every springtime to the daisies, “do it again”; and every time a child is born into the world asking for a curtain call, that the heart of God might once more ring out in the heart of the babe.

LIFE is full of romance and thrill when it has one overall purpose, namely, to be one with a LIFE that is Personal enough to be a Father; one with a Truth that is Personal enough to be the Wisdom from whence come all Art and Science; and one that is Personal enough to be a Love that is a “Passionless Passion, a wild Tranquility”.

life is worth living when we live each day to become closer to God. when you have said your prayers, offered your actions in union with God, continue to enjoy the “Thrill of Monotony”, and “do it again”!                  

~Fulton Sheen, Life is Worth Living

and so off i go…

to “do it again”!

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6 thoughts on “the swing of things

  1. amazing pictures. and you know i am always amazed at your quotes and such. i’m easily amazed this morning, it seems, as i don’t know you read so much and teach and sew and everything else. amazing.

  2. Oh my gosh, I am especially luving these pics!

    THe first one may be my favorite!

    How do you do it??!

  3. I love the photos, especially the first. You are getting really good at this…!

  4. Okay…I love your photos. Do you sell them? I also love your spirituality. I read outloud the Fulten Sheen quote to my husband. I don’t want to overwhelm you by gushing (I tend to do that) so I just have a question…I notice you change your header fairly often and I’ve been wanting a header that reflects the mood of my blog. I know you live by the ocean as I and…before I go any further I’ll just ask: would you be willing to make a header for me? I am willing to pay (as long as it’s not outrageous…and so that’s why I asked at first if you sell your photos).

    I hope this is not too weird. I’m not sure sometimes about blogger edicate. It is strange to feel you know someone better than you do because you read their blog (or they read mine). Anyway, you seem nice and like a friend I’d like to get to know better…so I hope I am not being too bold to ask such a thing.


  5. Chrisitne on said:

    I so enjoy that you share your life with me.

    Life is worth living.

  6. Sarah Oldham on said:

    Again, stunning and captivating photography. What a blessed gift!
    Life is, indeed, worth living! Thank you for sharing yours with me/us.
    Guess what? I stopped by that little shop and got another wood rose kit to stitch up for you. Give me a little time and it will be mailed to the correct address . . . Hugs and Aloha!

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